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Aaron Goldstein
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Florida bookies and agents will want to utilize a Pay Per Head that offers varying options in cryptocurrency transactions, in particular Bitcoin.

Crypto Pay Per Head for Bookies, Agents

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency system that is easy to use.  Setting up is simple with an increasing number of exchanges that can be linked to one's own bank account.  Most importantly, transactions are anonymous.

Other cryptocurrencies work the same way, though none come close to the popularity of Bitcoin.

Weekly transactions can be made instantly via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. is one of the most established Pay Per Head services on the planet, offering clients the chance to service their player base for as little as $3 per customer per week.

Get their Prime Package for a 3-week trial at just $3 Per Head with full access to pro bookie tools. With over $90 billion in bets on the line every year during the football season, we empower you to take control and get a bigger piece of that action.

And Now PayPerHead Waives Transaction Fees for Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Ripple.

Florida Sports Betting

Florida represents one of the most lucrative states for bookmakers and agents due to its large population and extensive sports fan bases.  College Football reigns supreme here but wagering on sports is a year-long obsession for gamblers.

In November 2018, an amendment was voted into law that would grant voters the power to allow any expansion of gambling in the Sunshine State.

The new law essentially shuts out newcomers the likes of Draftkings and FanDuel from entering the Florida gambling market.

Any legalization of sports betting in the state would likely be overseen by the dominant Seminole Tribe due to the existing compact. 

Online sports betting is highly unlikely any time soon even if legislation passes unless taking place on the casino grounds. 

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