Contempt of Court Proceedings Involving Bitcoin Creator Thrown Out By Judges

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Contempt of court proceedings involving Bitcoin's founder Dr. Craig Wright have been dropped after judges ruled it was no longer in the public interest to continue.

Wright was facing allegations that he may have deliberately leaked details of a 2022 High Court ruling.

The contempt proceedings stemmed from Dr Wright suing blogger Peter McCormack for libel over a series of tweets posted in 2019 that alleged his claim to be the Bitcoin inventor was fraudulent.

The Bitcoin creator said that messages posted on Slack were intended to “encourage debate,” and that he “did not realize” that a separate email he forwarded to five unauthorized people contained a summary of the judgment.

Wright is now a proponent of Bitcoin SV, which he says operates the way in which his original invention Bitcoin was intended with low fees and scalability.

South Korea Prosecutors Fail to Secure Arrest Warrant for Terra Co-Founder

A district court denied the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors Office’s pre-trial warrant for Terra co-founder Daniel Shin for his alleged role in the collapse of Terra’s ecosystem in March 2021. The court said prosecutors failed to show beyond the burden of proof that Shin was a flight risk or showed a propensity to tamper with evidence.

From Wahid Pessarlay of CoinGeek:

The court noted that Shin had a streak of complying with investigations from law enforcement agencies since the start of the fiasco. In 2022, the court denied applications for Shin’s arrest on similar grounds, but officials from the prosecutor’s office stated that they would amend their motion for another application.

The Prosecutor’s Office alleges that Shin had breached specific provisions of the Capital Markets Acts by promoting LUNA tokens. Law enforcement agents claim that Shin netted $100 million from the sale of pre-issued tokens that he failed to disclose to early investors.

There is also the allegation that Shin violated the Financial Supervisory Service (FSS) directive not to promote Terra tokens as a means of payment because it breached the Electronic Financial Transactions Act.

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nChain Responds to Abrupt Dismissal of CEO

The Board has been made aware of statements made against the company overnight by its former CEO, following his summary dismissal last week. We are disappointed Mr. Ager-Hanssen has chosen to conduct himself in this way.