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Over the past 24 hours, the topic of most interest to readers was the manhunt and subsequent capture of Joran van der Sloot.  He's the young man suspected of killing Natalie Holloway in Aruba back in 2005.  There was never enough proof to convict van der Sloot in the Holloway case but he might not be so lucky this time around. 

The daughter of a successful Peruvian businessman and racecar driver, 21-year-old Stephany Flores, was found stabbed to death in a Lima hotel room registered under van der Sloot's name.  Casino video cameras also picked up the two together earlier that evening.  Joran fled the country immediately following the murder, which is bound to cast further suspicion on him.  Of particular interest to the online poker community is the news that van der Sloot was in Peru preparing to take part in the Latin American Poker Tour.  He is a known online poker player with some degree of success. 

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There was some decent trending for all things related to the Celtics vs. Lakers NBA Finals Game One, though nothing ground breaking. 

"For such a major sports event, the amount of traffic has been meager over the past 24 hours," expressed Payton O'Brien, Senior Editor of the website. 

Searches and traffic have been sustained throughout the week however with solid rankings. enjoyed 3rd place ranking for the search term "Celtics Lakers Line", albeit there were a number of Twitter headlines showing above this position.  Earlier, enjoyed a solid top presence for the term "Celtics vs Lakers 2010".

By late Thursday evening, captured substantial market share for all things Belmont Stakes related.  "Belmont Stakes 2010" we were number one in Google.  "Belmont Stakes 2010 Odds" we were also number one in Google.  Both our Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes betting coverage translated into gangbuster results for sponsors.  In fact, the Triple Crown horse racing season (May 1 through June 5 this year) is considered among the most critical when it comes to ad spend/conversion ratios.  The Kentucky Derby alone typically yields better conversion results than the Super Bowl.

Elsewhere, the usual suspects continued to trend well including Pawn Stars and Vin Diesel's Sexuality. 

We should note that a story on Antoine Walker's Vegas gambling debts yielded substantial traffic earlier yesterday.  The term "Antoine Walker" trended especially well.

The WSOP 2010 had been trending well for 36 hours ago and has since leveled off.  Nonetheless, five poker-related articles ranked among the top ten most read yesterday and today, respectively.   

Aside from Google, Google Canada, Bing and Google News, impressive traffic numbers were coming into the website Thursday from the online poker blog  Google UK, Google Australia and the Two Plus Two Posting Forum followed.

With our coverage of the van der Sloot story, websites and forums in the Netherlands were also linking to, specifically, a Russian online poker news and forum site, also generated decent referrals to on Thursday.

"World Cup 2010 Odds to Win" was also getting decent trending throughout Thursday.  This is considered a critical key word term for websites like 

65 percent of traffic was coming in from the United States on Thursday.  This is due mostly to the extensive coverage of the Joran van der Sloot investigation and NBA Finals, both of which drew heavy interest from the US audience.  9 percent of traffic was coming in from Canada.

"We'll be seeing about a 55/45 ratio favoring the United States come next week," explains O'Brien, noting that most of the FIFA World Cup traffic is likely to originated outside the US.

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