Catch Up With Soccer Betting & The Premier League For Added Income

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Now that college bowl season is over and the NFL Playoffs are about to start, online bookies should look to other avenues of betting revenue.

One of those avenues is to offer soccer betting, specifically wagers on the Premier League.

If your sportsbook management software doesn’t allow you to offer the Premier League or other international leagues, it’s time to upgrade.

Sports betting is expanding, and bookies can make a full-time career out of their own business.

PayPerHead.com is the premium sportsbook solution that offers over 80 leagues and 1000’s of events.

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Premier League Betting:  What to Know

International sports like soccer offer excellent ways for bookies to increase action. Sportsbook income only arrives via action.

Check out the ins and outs of the Premier League, the most wagered upon soccer league in the world.

1. All Soccer Betting Offers a Handicap

In addition to betting on soccer match moneylines, bettors can also wager on the handicap. The handicap offers goals for higher investments on dogs and takes away goals for lower investments on favorites:

Liverpool        -1 ½ +120

Chelsea            +1 ½ -220

If a bettor wishes to accept the 1 ½ goals on Chelsea, they must risk $220 to make a $100 profit.

If they wish to lay 1 ½ goals on Liverpool, they can make $120 profit from a $100 investment. Right now, the top teams in the Premier League are Liverpool, Manchester City, and Tottenham.

Keep that in mind when promoting handicap betting on Premier League matches.

2. Set Max Betting Limits on Moneyline Premier League Games

Liverpool hasn’t lost yet. John Lennon’s hometown is 17-3-0.

17 represents Liverpool’s victories in the Premier League. The 3 represents the draws that Liverpool’s played this EPL Season. The 0 represents the losses.

In English Premier League, and most international soccer leagues, the stat line for wins, draws, or ties and losses are like this:  W-D(T)-L.

For sports leagues in the United States, the NFL, NBA, and NHL, the wins, draws or ties, and losses stat line looks like this:  W-L-T.

For example, the Minnesota Vikings finished their season with 9 wins, 7 losses, and a tie, or:  9-7-1.

Make sure you understand what you’re looking at when you study a Premier League team game.

That way, when you set max betting limits on moneylines and draws, you know what you’re doing.

3. Use Draws to Draw in English Premier League Betting Action

Yes, we know what we wrote above is a terrible, awful, pun. However, it makes sense.

Since players can wager on the draw in EPL games, pay per head agents have something that separates soccer betting from football and basketball betting.

Bettors can’t wager on the draw or tie in NHL, NBA, NFL, or MLB games.

4. Promote English Premier League Games With Popular Players

NBC and NBC Sports Net showcase English Premier League games. Get the television schedule, find out what games those two networks are broadcasting for the week and find out who the popular players are.

Use that information to promote wagering on EPL matches.

PayPerHead’s Prime Package offers the TV Listings feature, which is perfect for these types of international events. In seconds, bookies can see every televised game on any sports your offer.

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