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There are Pay Per Heads and there are Top Pay Per Head solutions that are sought after by bookmakers the world over.

Let’s give a Top 10 of what we look for in a Pay Per Head (in no particular order)

10. Easy to Use Sportsbook Software Platform – Easy to navigate and the ability to offer hundreds of betting options with a customized website designed with your players in mind.

9. Ability to Offer Hundreds of Betting Options on Dozens of Sporting Events (and Not Just American Sports) – Player and team props galore with all types of bet options available including options difficult to find across the Net.

8. Live In-Play Wagering – Bet on every play up to the final second as the game is in play.  Who will score next?  Will there be a fumble?  How many yards run or thrown next play?  This type of betting option is now a requirement for series sports gamblers and cannot be offered without the use of a top Pay Per Head

7. Sharp Player Management – A solid Pay Per Head will be able to monitor your clients and who the sharps are.  Ideal for bookmakers and agents with significant player bases.

6. Top Oddsmakers – With the ability to move lines based on action coming in and/or news that might impact a game, 24/7.

5. Customer Service – Around the clock and English speaking.

4. Flexibility - The capability to offer or preclude any products or wagering options as you see fit.

3. Ease of Set Up – Unhappy with your previous provider?  No worries.  Companies like TopPayPerHead.com can often have all your clients switched over in as little as a half hour time.

2. Extras Like Horse Racing and an Online Casino – These are the loss leaders that help you either boost your profit or cut your losses during a particular bad week in sports, not to mention your clients are gamblers and most are likely to play in casinos and/or dabble in a little bit of horse race betting.

1. Price – Typically the lower the price, the less services you receive but value can come in the middle, so check around.  A lot can be available for as little as $7 per head (per customer).

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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