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One can hire an employee themselves who is charged with customizing web pages specific to a bookmaker's Russian clients or they can utilize the services of a Russian language translation firm.  No matter, having the ability to offer a customized sportsbook in Russian will provide a competitive edge to bookies whether based in North America or Russia itself.


Certainly there is an advantage to offering Russian translated betting sites to clients who speak the language during the FIFA World Cup but the Russian Premier League certainly attracts some good action.  Spartak Moscow, in fact, has name recognition throughout the world.

Ice hockey is also quite popular, but of course folks whose first language is Russian will bet many sports including North American favorites such as the NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball. 


$25 per page is not unreasonable.  Depending on how many Russian clients you have, it may be wise to have someone on staff (preferably the same person who can translate pages) who can be brought onto communicate with said clients.  Just having someone during designated times or who can respond via email/messenger could prove a game changer for your business.  Referrals alone could make having someone on staff that speaks fluent Russian more than worthwhile. 


PremierPerHead.com charges a nominal fee per customer per week starting at $10 with a free 4-week trial.  Packages can be customized.  Translation services could result in additional fees passed onto the bookmaker.  LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING on nationally televised events and casino games are available.  The casinos typically cannot be translated due to the complex nature of the platform and use of external software and dealers.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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