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AcePerHead.com is an excellent provider of PPH bookie solutions for the Northeast portion of Pennsylvania

Northeast PA is usually divided between Steelers and Eagles fans in the NFL with more Eagles fans the further south you go and more Steelers fans the further west you trek. 

This is ALL Nittany Lions Territory in College Football, however, and Penn State has the 5th shortest odds to win the National College Football Championship in 2018 so bookies better be on their toes.

AcePerHead.com offers bookies their own customized website for clients to log on, line management applications, accounting services, 24/7 customer service for clients and loss leaders that significantly boost profit such as an online casino, a horse racing platform featuring dozens of tracks and IN-PLAY LIVE WAGERING on most televised games.

The later is something that today’s savvy sports bettors demand and something that simply cannot be offered without a Pay Per Head outsourcing firm.  It also leads to increased betting and expanded growth potential.

AcePerHead.com offers a FREE 6-WEEK TRIAL and an affordable payment plan in which you will pay X amount of dollars per active customer without any of the headaches that typically come with running a bookmaking business alone.

Bookies should be familiar with state laws in PA where both unlicensed simple and aggravated gambling are considered misdemeanors.  *Laws subject to change.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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