Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood Tells Local Bookies How to Make More Money

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If you do not want to take our word on Premier Per Head offering the best sportsbook software solutions in the Internet sports betting industry, then go to PremierPerHead.com to hear for yourself what Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood has to say about the top online bookie software package in the price per head service industry today. To find out firsthand how we can help you successfully run and manage your own sportsbook, racebook and online white label casino, please give us a call at 800.498.4709 to speak with one of our designated account managers that can help you get things up and running online in a matter of minutes.

1-A Pay Per Head Site that Puts Your Company’s Best Interests First

We have been working side by side with independent sports bookmakers for close to two decades and we fully understand that our long-term financial security is directly tied to your ability to grow your business while adding long-term profits to your company’s bottom line. Our sportsbook management solutions are designed to free up the majority of your time so you can concentrate your efforts on the sales and marketing side of the business equation. With powerful business tools such as your own custom company website and easy access to the proper business analytics, you will always stay way out in front of things no matter how hectic things gets with the daily action coming in. What Does Playboy Playmate Sara Jean Underwood Have to Say About the Pay Per Head Sportsbook Business?

2-Fast and Razor Sharp Betting Lines for Every Game, Every Day of the Year

Premier Per Head has built long-lasting business relationships with the top oddsmaking services in the world to ensure that you have all the betting lines you need, when you need them. This is especially important for the fast-paced action generated by live in-game betting. As part of your weekly price per head service fee, you can always move your own betting lines and change your offerings to best meet your business needs.

3-Everything is Included in One, Low Weekly PPH Service Fee

One you call Premier Per Head at 800.498.4709 and sign on with our online bookie gambling software package, you will never have to worry about any hidden fees or added costs for the sportsbook management solutions we provide. Everything you need to be successful as a private bookie is included in the weekly price per head fee that you only pay for active betting customers.

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