Pay Per Head Agents Need To Keep On Top Of Tech Trends

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The online bookie industry is no different than any other industry. Agents, like everyone else, are looking for the latest tech trends. Check out the two top tech trends in the industry.


Keep reading to find out what per head tools are available to agents to counter the trends.

Top Tech Per Head Trends

Live Betting – Surprise! Sports bettors have realized that making bets while a game is being played gives them a slight edge over the house.

For this slight edge, most live bets are at -115 or higher than the usual -110.

Mobile Betting – Mobile betting allows for quick betting decisions on the fly. Coupled with live betting, mobile betting is akin to day-trading where pro players especially can determine the outcome of a game by watching a few plays in the game.

Pay Per Head Tools For Tech Trends

The key to controlling the live betting and mobile betting tech trends is to understand what per head tools to use.

Right now, the best available tool is the Live Bet Ticker like that found through per head companies like PayPerHead.com.

PayPerHead’s Live Bet Ticker shows sports bets as they are added, auto refreshes, and reflects bet amounts by color scale.

The most important aspect of PayPerhead.com’s Live Bet Ticker is the ability to delete bets.

With live betting, cagey sports day traders will take advantage of every live bet offered. It’s not enough for online bookie agents to simply accept that whatever happens, happens.

Or, that the extra 5% in juice is going to make up for a cagey sports day trader’s live bet plays.

At times, deleting bets, especially deleting live bets, is necessary. Just because agents run a service-based industry, it doesn’t give an agent’s customers the right to take advantage of the service.

Extra Live Betting Reports

Like any good sports handicapper, pay per head agents must get into the habit of seeing betting trends. Agents should look for specific player betting trends.

Players that win way more via live bets than other players are a danger to the organization’s welfare.

Agents should gather as many live betting reports as possible. PayPerHead offers extra live betting reports through their Prime Packages.

Right now, their Prime Package is on for just $3 per head when agents call-in and speak to a rep. Online bookies need software with a leading edge and the latest technology and features to have a successful online bookie business.

See what you’re ,missing and sign up for their 7-day free trial, then call-in and speak to a rep about getting their Prime Package for $3 per head. Experience premium software at PayPerHead.com

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