Bookie Tips: Should You Get a Business Partner?

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One of the most important online bookie decisions is whether to get a business partner. There are two types of business partners that bookmaker can get.

The first business partner is an individual who shares responsibilities with the bookmakers.

The second, is a price per head business partner who offers the bookmaker more than an individual business partner ever could.

With PayPerHead, agents get the best in the business, with the best tools and best support available. Bookies and agents can upgrade to their premium software solutions for free for a limited time only,

If you’re ready to start taking your business seriously, join today and upgrade to premium for free.

When You Should Get A Per Head Business Partner

There are two reasons to sign on with a company like PayPerHead to run a bookmaking business. See below for those two reasons.

You have a time crunch – Even if running your bookmaking business is all that you do, you could end up having a time crunch.

Once you get to the point where all you do is run your bookmaking business, where you don’t have a separate job, it becomes increasingly more important to concentrate on aspects about the business that’s outside of providing customer service, accepting wagers, record keeping, etc.

You want to concentrate on building your business – Expanding your business takes time.

It also takes an understanding of marketing and how best to market to potential new clients.

That doesn’t just happen. Expanding your business on your own is more difficult to accomplish than when expanding your business with a partner like PayPerHead.

Tools from PayPerHead to Help Online Bookies Become Online Bookie Agents

Mass Editing Tool – The PPH mass editing tool allows agents to make changes to all their players at once. This saves a lot of time.

Schedule Limit Override – The schedule limit override tool allows per head agents to set circle limits for a sport, period, or profile.

Using the schedule limit override tool can allow pay per head agents to push clients to make specific wagers.

Per Head Dashboard – A viable per head dashboard might be the most important reason for someone to partner with a price per head company.

A good dashboard allows for customization, has the best. They also offers multiple reports to understand agents’ bettors and where they are making their money.

A good PPH dashboard adds many efficiencies that online bookie agents wouldn’t be able to add on their own.

Get the right business partner, join PayPerHead today and upgrade to a premium software solution for free.

There are several other tools that agents receive when they collaborate with Reps are available to chat. For those who wish to call, the phone number is 888-978-0288. 

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