'F*** You Bet365!' Player Goes on Rampage Over Changed Odds After Book Claims Software Error

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:

An infuriated sports gambler says Bet365 changed the odds on his hockey wager after what they say was an error on their part.

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The enraged player just happens to host a popular podcast, Lines at Lunch, and streams on Twitch as Owners Box Sports.  By 11 pm ET Friday night, the tweet had gotten more than 195K views and counting. 

"So last night I was sweating Sabres-Rangers UNDER 6.5.  I'm looking at Bet365 and I see they are offering 8.5 at -120 when there is a minute ten left in the 1st.  So I thought my eyes were deceiving me so I go to the score op, check what the odds are there and it's UNDER 6.5 at +115.  It made zero sense.  So like the good guy I am I spam our group chat, get all the boys to bet UNDER 8.5 on -120.  We're having a great time, right? 

"WRONG!  We get an email from those frauds at Bet365 saying they won't honor the UNDER 8.5 on -120 because they fucked up.  They are going to give us -420 odds, If this was the other way around these clowns would not offer shit.  Am I taking crazy pills for being mad about this?  You fucked up.  My genius brain caught it.  It's time to pay your consequences.  Fuck you Bet365!"

A number of outlets retweeted the story Friday night, including the wildly popular Spookypedia @Spreadapedia with his 14K followers on Twitter   Spookypedia (@Spreadapedia) also suggested contacting attorney Joe Durham out of Albany, Georgia.  He's been helping a number of sports bettors file lawsuits against deadbeat bookies.

Patrick Sheehan responded "It’s called a bad line and it’s part of the game especially on live bets."

"Changing the line is terrible! Wtf," Lord BLT wrote.

"How is this legal ?," another asked.

The likely answer is that it is not.

But more importantly Bet365 is regulated and those impacted have recourse with their state regulatory body.

Barstool Sportsbook, soon to become ESPN Bet, voided live prop bets on a game between the Giants and Cardinals in Week 2 based on what they claimed was an odds provider error.  Barstool Sports parent company claimed the wagers were placed after the event already had taken place.    While commissioners sided with Barstool Sports in that case, those in Massachusetts made it clear they might not always side with the book.

“It’s at their discretion whether they want to offer these kinds of bets, but If we have another request of this kind before us, I don’t know that I’ll be sympathetic,” said Nakisha Skinner, a commissioner at the MGC.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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