GoFundMe Account Set Up to Help Sparky's Family, Pinnacle Boss Jumps From 10K Feet

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Jagajeet Chiba
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First the goal was $10K, then it moved to 15K and, by Monday, organizers were moving towards 30K.  That's how many people loved Gambling911.com entertainment reporter Angelo Cordero, better known around these parts as Sparky Collins.  The Sparky character was introduced to the Gambling911.com audience as a means to promote inclusivity and alternative lifestyle acceptance within the gaming community and Angelo took on the role with reckless abandon.  The industry immediately fell in love with him.  Angelo/Sparky passed away suddenly last week at the young age of 55.

We are learning more details surrounding his death.  Angelo had called a friend at around 1 am Tuesday morning, leaving a message that he was "paralyzed".  The friend, who was sleeping and had his phone shut off, immediately rushed to Angelo's home around 6 am that morning, broke into his home and found him peacefully lying next to his bed with both hands on his stomach.

Angelo, who escaped Cuba in the mid-80's by intertube, a 90-mile trek through shark-infested waters to Miami, was also a highly regard fashion photographer and, in later years, focused on amazing big wave surf photography.

Angelo supported his family back in Cuba and would take annual trips there to deliver suitcases filled with clothing. The GoFundMe account was set up to help raise funds for funeral expenses and to assist his family back in Cuba.

"Angelo Cordero was one of the brightest lights in Rincon. He is and will always be sorely missed by his entire community near and far. Angelo never missed and opportunity to help his friends and family and now it’s time we return the favors. His untimely passing has left a hole in his family that cannot be filled but we can certainly try to make coping a little easier. Please donate what you can and join us at Calypso Bar in Rincon on 4/8/23 for a slide show, silent auction and fundraiser in his honor."

Over $22,000 had so far been raised after only two days of the GoFundMe account being set up.

Friends of Angelo's participated in an ocean "paddle out" on Easter Sunday (see below).


sparky_chris (1).png


angelo_cordero_paddle_out (1).png

angelowaves (1).png

Pinnacle Sports CEO Jumps Out of Plane

We go from the ocean to the sky.

Last week, Pinnacle Sports CEO Paris Smith decided to finally fullfill a life long dream.  Okay, maybe not a lifelong dream. Let's just say she did it to help celebrate her daughter's birthday.

Paris jumped from a plane during a South Florida skydiving excursion.

She tells our own Thomas Somach her daughter "wanted to do it" and that "I would do anything for her".

Check out the video below.

Pinnacle Sports is an absolutely amazing sportsbook that continues to take the highest limits on bets.  Last year, the long established brand had entered the newly regulated Ontario market.

Unibet Still Down in PA

It's not just Paris going down in recent days.

The mystery continued Monday morning as to why the Unibet website remained down even after telling Mr. Somach they'd be "back up in an hour".  That was 7:45 pm Sunday night and the site remained down as of Monday morning. 

Unibet tells Somach the issue is not affecting its operations in other states and that "it has not been hacked".  Interesting, the outage also impacted its retail operation at the Lehigh Valley Mohegan Sun casino.  Gambling911.com will continue to monitor.

The site was back up shortly after Noon ET Monday.

DraftKings Cuts Player Limits to Just $38 Then They Send Him a Ton of Expensive Gifts for His "Loyalty"

This is quite the story if true.

A player claiming to be a DraftKings customer claims his limits were cut by the company to $38 this past week. 

But it's not as if they didn't like the guy.

Elihu D Feustel tweeted:

"I played at @DKSportsbook in January 2022 before my limits were shaved to $38. Today I received an iPad, iPhone 14 Max Pro, a Mac Book, Apple wireless headset, and iPad keyboard from DK for my "loyalty". Um, thanks? I'd still rather high full limits though."

Another customer provided his experience with the betting site:

"I got a Tumi luggage set and some cruises. It’s just annoying. If they’re gonna cut ties, cut ties. Navigating $100 at a time while receiving thousand dollar gifts is beyond frustrating."

And another:

"I wagered like $1 mil and they didn't give me anything."

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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