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If you search the term “pay per head” online, you will come across a number of results pertaining to the sports betting business. You will find listings for bookie software solution providers and sportsbook services. What you probably will not find is a simple answer the question, “how does pay per head work?”

That is the real question that anyone interested in sports bookmaking is searching for. Pay per head refers to the weekly fee that a private bookie pays for an online sports betting software package that helps run and manage the daily operations. The weekly fee is charged for every active sports betting customer.

In much more practical terms, pay per head is a turn-key business software solutions package that can help you run and manage your own successful independent online sportsbook. There are zero start-up costs and you are only charged for sports bettors that are actively using your services.

The Nuts & Bolts of Online Sports Betting

While the concept of booking sports bets is easy to grasp, the mechanics of how bets are placed can be much more complex. Before the age of computers and advanced online technology, a phone, pen and paper were the primary tools of the trade for a sports bookie. When the sportsbook business shifted to taking action online back in the mid-90’s, the seeds of change were first planted for how the majority of sports bets would be placed in the future.

Flash forward to today’s online sports betting industry and you will find that a large percentage of bets are placed online through a desktop or laptop computer. Even more so, today’s sophisticated sports bettors are utilizing an advanced mobile betting platform through a handheld device with internet access.

While online sportsbooks appear to dominate the industry given the sheer number of different betting options available, the private bookie still dominates the market share when it comes to the total revenue generated from betting on sports. This is what gave rise to the entire pay per head industry working to provide private bookies with the necessary business tools to compete online.

The Ultimate Business Partnership: Pay Per Head and Private Bookmakers

It would be cost prohibitive for any private bookie to try and duplicate the services provided by a pay per head online sports betting software provider. The price per head shop has already made that large financial investment so you do not have to. You should think of the low weekly per head fee you pay as leasing the proprietary sports betting software solutions needed to successfully run and manage your own independent sportsbook.

This is an easy and highly cost-effective way to acquire everything you need to be a private bookie in today’s expanding sports betting industry. All you need to do is supply the betting customers and let your Pay Per Head service handle the day-to-day operational end of the business. Given that the process is fully automated, the bulk of your time can be spent on growing and expanding your customer base.

Working with a silent partner that offers its services at a very fair price is a win-win situation for everyone involved. A quality price per head shop fully understands the concept that your long-term financial success as a private bookie is directly tied to its success as a bookie software solutions provider.

Pay Per Head Tools of the Trade

Knowing how pay per head works is just part of the equation. You also need to have a working knowledge of all the business tools your pay per head provider can bring to the table.

A short list of highlights include:

  • A completely automated system for booking sports bets
  • Timely betting lines and odds covering a vast number of online betting options
  • Real time business analytics through timely business reports
  • Online sales and marketing capabilities through a custom website
  • Peace of mind with a high level of redundancy throughout the entire database

This is just a topline listing of how pay per head bookie software can work for you. If you are new to online sports betting software, contact a pay per head site today to take a free test drive of everything it has to offer.

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