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PricePerPlayer.com will be offering its popular sports betting software to Virginia, West Virginia and the Carolinas residents as the activity becomes increasingly popular in light of a Supreme Court decision to abolish decades long prohibition.

West Virginia suprisingly is among the first to fully embrace sports betting.

The state lottery approved sports betting last month and the activity will be permitted by September 1, prior to the start of football, at least that is what the industry is hoping for. 

Operators will be permitted to offer three branded skins similar to what the Pay Per Heads provide.  For example, if a bookie wants to offer half of his clients one customized sports boook brand and the other half a different brand, this is possible. 

Kiosks may be used to accept and settle wagers in approved locations, which means that the activity will be wide spread and more enticing for West Virginia residents.

North and South Carolina residents will need to wait for state amendments, if they ever come to fruition.  Obviously, the local bookie and agent will always be there to fill the void.  Neither state is big on gambling.

The same holds true of Virginia, which has been slow to embrace any form of gambling in it's history.  It's state lottery is the only form of gambling currently.

Advantages to Using Pay Per Head Software

Here are also some of the Sportsbook Features offered by PricePerPlayer.com

    Sports Betting
    Live Casino
    Pre Game Lines
    Horse Racing
    Online casino
    Live Dealer Casino
    Online and Telephone wagering
    Mobile Betting
    And more…

LIVE IN-PLAY BETTING in particular is an option the independent corner bookie simply cannot offer on his or her own.  Likewise, it is doubtful any of the casinos will be permitted to offer this product.

You Only Pay for What You Use

The advantage of using a PPH Sportsbook service is that you only pay for your active players.  An active player is defined as a bettor that has placed at least one bet in a given period of time. This means that if during one week you have 7 out of 10 players that placed a bet, you only pay for 7 players and not 10.

If you use the PricePerPlayer.com Pay Per Head service and you pay $5 per player.  This means that you would pay $35 that week.

Unlike a white label sports betting service where you pay a fee and a monthly percentage of your net revenue, a PPH only charges what you use.  This is why this service has become the favorite method of running a sportsbook.

- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com

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