Pay Per Head Things You Should Know Before You Start

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C Costigan
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Being a part of the sports betting business will bring you lots of excitement. This is one of the most profitable industries in the whole world, and you can now be a part of it, run your own sportsbook and make your own money, all with the best advice and support, something that only a good Price per Head partner can guarantee.

But what is Price per Head exactly? You might ask. How can Price per Head help me run a successful sports betting business, and what are the things I need to know before I even start? These are all great questions, and it’s important that you know the answer to all, because transparency and efficiency are two of our greatest values in this industry. We want bookies to be aware of everything we can do for them, what we can help with, how we’re going to do it, how much it costs, etc. All this info is right on our website, of course, you can go to and check it out, but most of all, we want you to feel comfortable, to know that we’re right here to help, and that with us and the tools we can offer, you will be successful, and you will be able to run a world-class operation. 

What are the tools that a good PPH service will provide me with? 

  • Sportsbook website: We can redesign one that you already have, or just create a brand new one, so that your operation can show the right face and image. 
  • Sports Betting Platform: State-of-the-art, the most updated and sophisticated platform and software for sports, racebook, and casino, 100% mobile and completely adapted to your needs. 
  • Lines and odds: We have some of the sharpest and most experienced line movers in the industry working right here with us, and they’re ready to deal with your lines and markets. 
  • 24/7 personnel: Customer service and wagering clerks, chat support, IT staff, everything you need, we have it right here, and it’s all at your disposal. 
  • Reports: You will have access to the most complete and updated, real-time reporting tool for bookies, where you’ll be able to track all of your players’ activity and grab information to make the best decisions for your sportsbook.

How much does Price per Head cost? 

Here at all we charge our partners is $7 per head or less per active customer. What this means is that $7 per head is the most you would pay each week for every active customer you have, as simple as that, no commissions, no revenue, nothing. If you have 10 active players during the week, you pay $70, if you have 20, you pay $140, and so on. There are no extra charges in Price per Head, and as a bookie, you should know that from the beginning. 

Are you ready to give this a try? Let’s sit down and talk about your needs, and how we can start working together. Give us a call today and let’s set you up to start, or even to make good use of our free four-week trial. Don’t waste another second!

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