Kentucky Derby 2019 Morning Odds (Podcast)

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Don Shapiro
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The Kentucky Derby 2019 morning odds are up with some noticable shifts in pricing.

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Another Rainy Kentucky Derby

Just as with the most recent Kentucky Derby races, rain is either in the forecast or, not in the forecast and it manages to rain anyway. 

The Kentucky Derby 2019 weather scenario is the closest thing we have seen to a "lock" on rain in recent years.  Current weather runs show significant rain fall in the region around 3 pm. 

As such, one needs to look at the mudders, those horses capable of running in the slop.

War Of Will (16-1 odds),  By My Standards (16-1 odds) and Plus Que Parfait (33-1 odds) do stand out here.  The first two have seen their odds each cut by 4 points, down from 20-1.

Promise of Biggest Payout in Any Recent Kentucky Derby

No matter which horse ends up winning, one thing is guaranteed: The 2019 Kentucky Derby will result in the biggest payouts.

This is a result of co-favorites Game Winner and Improbable each being listed at 6-1 for the potential payout of $60 for every $10 bet or $600 for every $100 bet.

Kentucky Derby 2019 Morning Odds

2019 Kentucky Derby Bet Here

15 Game Winner+600

5 Improbable+600 - 14 horses have won from this position, the most in Kentucky Derby history

16 Roadster+700

12 Code of Honor+800

7 Maximum Security+900

8 Tacitus+900

6 Vekoma+1400

3 By My Standards+1600

1 War of Will+1600

2 Tax+1800

13 Win Win Win+1800

20 Bodexpress+2500

10 Cutting Humor+2800

19 Country House+3300 - only one horse has won from this position

17 Long Range Toddy+3300 - no horse has ever won from this position

9 Plus Que Parfait+3300

18 Spinoff+3300

4 Gray Magician+5000

14 Master Fencer+5000

Bookies Look to Make Out Like Bandits This Triple Crown Season

The Triple Crown betting season lasts from late April through to early June and is made up of the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

The Kentucky Derby will always be the first Saturday in May.  Bets are typically placed the final few days of April with a surge the day before the big race.  While bets are being made all day Saturday, there is usually a significant surge the four hours leading up to the race.  Due to the extensive television coverage leading up to the Kentucky Derby, the wagering window is quite expansive when compared to other races. 

Offshore websites and local bookmakers benefit as a result of restictions placed on betting from US-based online race books such as TwinSpires from many states like Georgia and Texas.

The biggest benefit of betting on horses with your online sportsbook’s racebook application offshore and via pay per sites is the ability to maximize the value of one's betting dollar when compared to the US-based Web racebooks.  Just about every major racebook that operates under the umbrella of top offshore sportsbooks, as well as many pay per head platforms, offer a cash-back rebate on all of your daily horse racing activity.  This allows the offshore books to compete in states where US-based racebooks are not restricted.  US-based racebooks do not offer such rebates (losses back).

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