G911 Announces Upcoming Podcasts - Mid July 2019

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C Costigan
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Gambling911.com has released its tentative podcast schedule with the following shows upcoming (release dates to be determined).  Be sure to watch for and listen to our podcasts here

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PremierPerHead.com - (Time: 53:53) - While in Costa Rica recently, Gambling911.com sat down with PremierPerHead.com's Matt Morandi, who talks how to become a successful bookmaker/agent using a Pay Per Head.  Morandi also bluntly discusses the hypocrisy involving regulated sports betting in the USA vs. lifelong bookmaking operations with an industry that is widely regarded as the second oldest in the world after prostitution.  Morandi especially takes issue with the mass influx of British bookmakers entering the US market, who he says are quick to boot players as soon as they start winning.

"The (US) government has brought in these Euro books," an infuriated Morandi said.  "I have seen such jokes, bringing a system that works in Europe but doesn't work here.  They are cutting guys off that bet $5."

StatsDrone - (Time: TBD) - While in Prince Edward County, Ontario Wine Country, we'll be sitting with John Wright to discuss the current online gambling affiliate landscape as well as compliance concerns that have taken affect throughout Europe.

“We are just as responsible for compliance as operators are. With operators, they’re more concerned about the risk and if affiliates are part of that risk, that’s why they are being a bit forceful in saying, ‘We need you to comply in order to remain part of the affiliate program. It’s everyone’s job. It’s all of our job as affiliates.”

Balto - (Time: TBD) - We sit down with Grant Telford, Spencer Cassidy and Nick Montana of the new NFL survival pool, pickems and bracket styled game concept PlayBalto, whose advisors include the likes of SportRadar.  Nick Montana was a quarterback at Tulane University and, yes, he is the son of legendary Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana.  Grant Telford is a huge fan of the Gambling911.com website and we look forward to speaking with them.

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- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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