Leonard, Durant Knicks Rumors Have Bookmakers Scrambling to Update Odds

Written by:
C Costigan
Published on:

For those of us of a certain age who grew up in the New York City area, we were lucky enough to have experienced the Knicks playing in Championship games against the Rockets.

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Some of you old timers even got to witness the Knicks win Championships (1970, 1973).

More recently, there are those of us who have accepted the likelihood this team will never play in another Championship game.

The decline of the Knicks seems to coincide with James Nolan's increased management of the team back in 1999, around the time the Knicks stopped being contenders.

Coincidence?  Probably not!

Like the Rangers, the Knicks performed abysmally in the early 2000s. Unlike the Rangers, they have yet to fully recover, which fans mostly blame on Dolan's management missteps.

Nolan's still there. 

With that in mind it doesn't surprise me that Dave Mason of BetOnline.ag still has the Knicks at long 66-1 odds of winning the 2020 NBA Championship even with rumors surfacing that Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard want to play together and that the most likely team to land this duo will be the Knicks.

BetOnline has the following odds on which team will land Durant:  Brooklyn Nets  -150  (2/3) New York Knicks  +150  (3/2) Golden State Warriors  4/1 (4/1).

But Marc Berman of the Post raises a good point: The teams that currently have the cap situation best suited for BOTH LEONARD AND DURANT a tandem are the Knicks and Clippers.

The Knicks’ chances of landing Leonard seemed diminished with the Lakers emerging as a suitor after they cleared a maximum cap space to pair another star with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Interestingly, Saturday morning June 29, Betonline.ag reduced the Lakers odds of winning the 2020 NBA Championship to +175, down from +300.

If I were a betting man I'd still take the Lakers to win paying $17 for every $10 bet.

LOCK that price now because even if it's just Leonard who lands there, the Lakers price is going to get less attractive.

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher

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