Is CryptoFights Safe to Play On? Player Reviews, Tutorial and More

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Aaron Goldstein
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Dec/10/2021 BSV observer Timothy Johnson confirmed this week that the CrytpoFights gaming site is generating a ton of transaction on the BSV Blockchain, one million plus daily in fact. Being on that blockchain makes CryptoFights among the safest gaming platforms in which to play. 

What is CryptoFights?

CryptoFights is a Single Player Fantasy RPG real time game in which your fighter is paired up with another opponent’s Fighter in a 1v1 battle that lasts 1 round and ends when either of the fighter’s Hit Points reaches zero. 

You play with real money to compete in cash tournaments against other players!  However, Single Player campaigns are free to play and do not require any costs to fight.

CryptoFights is currently playable on Android, the Android emulator BlueStacks or on Windows. iOS coming soon.

Blockchain gaming is fundamentally different from other gaming models, writes Gavin Lucas of CoinGeek. Instead of buying the game, subscribing, or funding it through in-game purchases, blockchain gaming is based on a cost per transaction. For example, in CryptoFights, the most successful blockchain game so far, every move costs a microtransaction. Players can also win valuable NFTs such as weapons and armor and can win real money by finishing on the game leaderboard in live tournaments.

Player Reviews of CryptoFights

Șamuhammet Berdimuhammedow writes: "CryptoFights has come a long way in the field of crypto gaming. For the first time, we officially launched the project in January 2018. To create a 3D PVP fighting game on the blockchain system. Blockchain is convenient for hosting games for a variety of reasons, but at the same time it is easy to display mushroom and immutable assets in the form of notes. These can be game characters and other digital resources, such as 3D role-playing characters and weapons and weapons in CryptoFights. Another reason to play the blockchain game is the decentralized and transparent nature of the main platform, which has the potential to make the game fair and transparent. Very good game."

Pavlov Vacinov: "If you are bored and want to start crypto war, open your browser find Crypto Fighting game, set your cryptocoins army,find captain of your crypto and fight against someone.  This game is Player vs Player version so that makes you to be more interested and competitive. No one wants to lose their own cryptocoin army. Payment system is very easy so for put your coins in or withdraw after win is very easy and simple. About gameplay i cant say a lot just open the game and you will see how is it. But i will tell you that is good. With small corrections and updating new version and system Crypto Fighting will be very popular game."

Adem Hetemli: "Hello, today I'm going to tell you about my favorite Blockchain game called Crypto Fights. The graphics of the game are beautiful. Even though the beta version of this game is still available, I love and play this game. There is not much information about this game on the internet.  I will write my thoughts about this game I played for you. This game is a PVP game like other games. You play the game online. In this game, you will encounter online players who do not have bots. Beginners to this game watch the game's tutorial video and start the game easily. The game is very easy to play. You can earn crypto by playing this game, I believe crypto copying is not possible, but you will be able to copy over time. The game also organizes tournaments. I believe the game will become more popular over time."

CryptoFights Tutorial

Why the BSV Network

Adam King is the founder of Fyx Gaming, a pioneering game studio that uses blockchain technology to build its products — including the  CryptoFights title.   He started on the Ethereum network back in 2018 at a time when many were rushing to be affiliated with it.  King soon realized that network had its limitations.

King's decision to move to the BSV Network was an easy one following the fork from Bitcoin Cash.

“After BSV split from BTC, we looked at the landscape and at the time we were frustrated with Ethereum. We had worked on it for about a year and we were trying to really innovate the blockchain crypto space but there was friction in creating a better user experience. When the hash war took place, it was timely because what resulted was the BSV network. We looked at it and said, ‘This solves a lot of our problems.’ Then we decided to alienate ourselves from the Ethereum community and go to the black sheep, BSV,” Kling summarizes.

BSV is also backed, and heavily promoted by, Dr. Craig "Satoshi" Wright.  A Miami jury found in early December 2021 that Wright was indeed instrumental in the creation of Bitcoin following years of some lingering doubt among a small and often vocal minority within the crypto community.   The nonbelievers are now mostly viewed as "Flat Earthers".  Wright is the author of the original Bitcoin White Paper.

One person who never doubted Wright is billionaire investor and founder of the CoinGeek website, Calvin Ayre.

“When Craig Wright speaks, you listen," Ayre said. “Craig has Aspergers and he is a little different from most people.  He’s a polymath who sleeps four hours a night and [in his sleep] listens to text books at four times the speed.”

Mr. Ayre once appeared on the cover of Forbes Billionaire issue, so he knows a thing or two when it comes to smart business sense.

The BSV Blockchain, for which Ayre is a major, is considered the fastest public ledger, with the capability to support over 50,000 transactions per second.  Indeed, it embraces Wright's original vision of Bitcoin. 

The BSV Blockchain also incorporates CO2 efficiency per transaction and outclasses all competitive blockchains on Coin Carbon Cap since its inception.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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