How Does a Pay Per Head Bookie Business Work

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Don Shapiro
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A thriving bookie business is one that incorporates a powerful Pay Per Head software platform, preferably one that offers a free trial period.  Gone are the days where customers tolerate a bookmaker who doesn't have the ability to offer props, 24-7 customer service and live in-play betting.

Anonymity and the Elimination of Mounds of Paperwork

It is all too easy to become comfortable with your routine and the way that you conduct business. However, failing to utilize the latest trends and most recent technology will leave you as the bookie out in the cold.  The odds are good your competition is already utilizing a Pay Per Head.

Realbookies business management sports betting software is perfect for bookies that otherwise do everything by themselves. Unless you work for a larger company, chances are that you are routinely swamped with mountains of paperwork and have quite a bit of money to keep track of.

Their software allows you to connect your clients with the RealBookies betting odds via a username and password generated online. This is done through an automated online system that achieves full anonymity.

Types of Bets Your Players Desire

The old school bookies would take straight bets and parlays if you were lucky.  PPH software allows for the following types of action and monitors players closely. 

Straight Bets


2 to 6 Team Teasers

If Win Or Tie

Action Reverse

Win Reverse

Football Teasers 6, 6.5 & 7 points

Basketball Teasers 4, 4.5 and 5 points.

Special 3 Team 10 Point Teasers in Football

Special 3 Team 7 Point Teasers In Basketball

Okay, So How Does a Pay Per Head Work?

As a bookmaker, all that you have to do to use a Pay Per Head service is pay a small fee ranging between $10 and $15 per head for each client that places a bet through said service. In fact, you don’t even have to place your client’s bet yourself. They can wager directly through the PPH personally customized wagering website using a username and password or - if the gambler is still old school - by contacting the RealBookies customer service representatives by telephone. This eliminates any need to get involved with taking and placing every one of your client’s bets as they come in.

"Our online sports betting website also includes a tracking service available to the bookie," RealBookies notes. "This service allows you to keep track of and view full reports on each of your client’s bets. You can then use this data to ensure proper payment or collection. Most bookmakers zero out their clients account every Sunday or some let it roll over the following week. This will be up to you on how you want to settle with your players.

"Our software will also allow you to customize the odds to fit your player profile in order to maximize profits. For example, if you are from the New England area naturally most of your bets will be coming on the Patriots. If the line is at -6 at most sports books, you can set the odds at -6.5 or -7 for your New England clientele. You can also adjust the juice or the vig from -110 to -120 for anyone betting New England."

Getting started is easy and affordable with a 4 week trial here.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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