How Fast Can I Get Paid Using Bitcoin With an Online Poker Site ((Bitcoin Poker Series Part II)

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Aaron Goldstein
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Using Bitcoin to fund your online poker site is easy and payouts super fast, in some cases just 5 to 40 minutes.


Watch This Video

The below video, courtesy of our friends at Americas Cardroom, explains how to fund your online poker account using Bitcoin.  It is geared slightly more towards those who have already dabbled in Web poker for real money, but it is still quite informative in understanding how to open an online betting account is the easy part.

How Fast Does It Take To Get Paid Using Bitcoin?

How Much Bitcoin Do I Need to Play Poker Online?

How Much Bitcoin Do I Need to Play Poker Online?

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Requesting a Withdrawal Using Bitcoin - Minimum, Maximum

 1. Bitcoin -Players' preferred option -

    Minimum payout: $50 USD
    Maximum payout: $10,000 USD
    One payout per day up to 5 per week

"Bitcoin is the payment method that has become the preferred option for players. Not only will you get your money much faster, but you will save by avoiding transaction fees." - Americas Cardroom

Important: Unless you are investment-minded, be sure to move your funds directly into an exchange and transfer into your bank account.  Otherwise you risk losing a portion of your funds if the price of Bitcoin is on a downward trend.  We suggest monitoring news for volatility in the Bitcoin market and not making a payout request at the time of such volatility. 

You must supply a new Bitcoin address each time you make a withdrawal.  These are simple to create in your Bitcoin secure wallet.

Watch this video below for more and get started playing online poker here (other payment methods, including credit card, are available.

- Aaron Goldstein,