Gambling and Sports Betting News Wire - July 31, 2019

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Here are today's headlines in the world of gambling and sports betting as they happen - Wednesday July 31, 2019.

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Cost to Get a Sportsbook License: Iowa - $45K, Illinois $10 Mil

Mobster Home Where Whitey Bulger Killed Three on Market for $3.5M

From the DailyMail:

    South Boston Home where James 'White' Bulger Jr. killed and buried three people is up for sale at $3.5 million
    Located in City Point, the 5,000 sq ft lot hosts one home and an attached rear apartment
    It was owned by the brother of Pat Nee, a Bulger associate during the murders, and later by another couple
    A suspected informant and an alleged jewel thief were shot in the head and buried there without teeth
    A woman who spoke about Bulger when being busted for drugs was strangled to death and also buried there
    All the killings happened during the 1980s - by 1985 all the bodies were removed before the property was sold
    Bulger was bludgeoned to death in October while serving two life terms in Peston County prison, in Virginia

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US Lawmakers Realize They Can't Stop Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Inching Back Up Towards $10K

After dropping to just over $9100 just a few days ago, the price of Bitcoin appears to be heading back in the right direction.

By Wednesday morning in the Eastern US, Bitcoin had climbed as high as $10248 before falling back down to just under $9800.

Bitcoin is likely set to end its five-month winning streak with prices currently down 9 percent from the monthly opening price of $10,759, according to Bitstamp data, however.

Bitcoin now accounts for over 70% of all funds transfers at many online gambling sites serving restrictive marketplaces. 

Just Two Bets Taken on Knicks Futures

Fansided recently offered realistic expectations for the New York Knicks in 2019-20, keeping in mind they have the 4th longest odds to win the NBA Championship in 2020.

They write:

Going into the offseason, the New York Knicks held the third best odds to win the 2020 NBA Finals because everyone believed they would get at least one top free agent. Going into the offseason Knicks, fans had convinced themselves they would get Zion Williamson, Kyrie Irving, AND Kevin Durant.

In the end, the Knicks got a sum total of ZERO top free agents.

The Knicks did, however, get the third overall pick which gave them Zion's Duke teammate and best friend, RJ Barrett.

And how do sports bettors feel?  Well.....

Our Free Picks Record July 30

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2018 NBA Record: 12-4-1 (75%)

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Gambling Included in Alabama Bill That Bans Gender-Affirming Treatment for Minors

Gambling Included in Alabama Bill That Bans Gender-Affirming Treatment for Minors

Alabama lawmakers return to Montgomery on May 17 for the final day of the 2021 session.

Medina Spirit a Victim of Cancel Culture

Medina Spirit a Victim of Cancel Culture

The latest victim of "cancel culture" is not human, but a horse.  Trainer Bob Baffert claimed his Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit is a victim after testing positive for a regulated substance.  He also blamed Churchill Downs for releasing such a harsh statement. 

Dempsey: "Narcissist Trainer Baffert: Why is This Happening to Me?"

Dempsey: "Narcissist Trainer Baffert: Why is This Happening to Me?"

Noted horse racing analyst Michael Dempsey called out trainer Bob Baffert for what he says are horses that over the years test positive (for enhancement drugs) in the Santa Anta Derby, Arkansas Derby and Kentucky Oaks, three of the biggest races in the sport.

About as Many Bets on Logan Paul to Beat Mayweather as Were on Canelo

On Saturday night, BetOnline revealed that there were around as many bets on Logan Paul to beat Floyd Mayweather, Jr. next month as there were on Canelo Alvarez to win his unification bout vs.

What Happens To My Bet If Medina Spirit Loses Kentucky Derby Win?

What Happens To My Bet If Medina Spirit Loses Kentucky Derby Win?

There was discussion Sunday that Medina Spirit could have his Kentucky Derby win removed after it was discovered the horse had 21 picograms of the steroid betamethasone, double the legal threshold in Kentucky racing, in a postrace sample.