Gambling and Sports Betting News Wire - July 9, 2019

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C Costigan
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Here are today's headlines in the world of gambling and sports betting as they happen - Tuesday July 9, 2019.

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Americas Cardroom to Refund Players Affected by Technical Difficulties

Poker Player Thrown Out of WSOP for "Stealing Chips" Apologizes

Tom Steyer Opens With Long Odds

Sharp Action on the OVER 8.5 in All Star Game

Dave Mason of BetOnline reports that the total has moved up to 9.  Sharp action is on the OVER when the number was 8.5.

These props available at BetOnline with the NL +107 and AL -117.

National League @ American League
Extra Innings
08:15 PM     4509     Yes         +700     
4510     No         -1000     
National League @ American League
Score In 1st Inning
08:15 PM     4505     Yes         -105     
4506     No         -115     
National League @ American League
Team To Score First
08:15 PM     4501     National League         -145     
4502     American League         +125     
National League @ American League
Team Winning After 1st Inning
08:15 PM     4507     National League         -105     
4508     American League         -115     
National League @ American League
Total Runs+Hits+Errors In 1st Inning
08:15 PM     4503     Over 3 Runs+Hits+Errors         +115     
4504     Under 3 Runs+Hits+Errors         -135    

2019 MLB Season Win Totals Updated

Courtesy of our friends at BetOnline

Public Money Flooding MLB All Star Game

Mike "The Mouth" Chip Count Cut in Half Due to Repositioning?

Why Poker Players Might Make Better Investors

Yahoo Finance suggests that poker players might make the best investors and here's why:

1. A recent study by the University of Alabama and the University of Central Florida found that the funds of hedge fund managers who perform well in professional poker tournaments also happen to outperform their peers.

2. The researchers found statistically significant outperformance among hedge funds with managers who have won at least one poker tournament.  They featured average returns of 0.67% compared to 0.58%.

There is a word of caution however.

Unfortunately, according to the paper, high-profile poker wins may actually be detrimental to these fund managers’ performance. While these managers funds outperformed prior to winning tournaments, their alpha took a hit following the wins. The researchers said this deterioration in performance was steepest in funds with the largest net inflows, indicating its more difficult to outperform as the size of the funds get larger.

Bubble Bursts Late at 2019 WSOP Main Event

Monumental Sportradar Partnership

Our Free Picks Record July 8

2019 MLB Record: 17-12-2 (58.6%) - No Plays Over -160

2018-19 College Basketball Record: 12-9 (57.1%)

2018-19 NBA Record: 7-5 (58%)

2018 MLB Record: 45-35 (56.2%)

2018 NBA Record: 12-4-1 (75%)

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