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You can spend your leisure time on the Internet in different ways, but virtual games and slot machines launch remain the most popular in many countries. Millions of gamblers spin roulettes and slot machines every day in hope to get a big profit to realise their dreams and solve many financial issues forever. Experienced gamblers know the importance to choose the right gambling platform — how the final result of the slot depends on the quality of slots and slot machines.

Today, there are a lot of online casinos in the global network, as well as bookmakers, the best poker rooms, lotteries, and slot machines. But only dozens of them deserve trust and close attention. Among such a variety of virtual platforms, even experienced gamblers do not always manage to make the right choice in favour of a reliable gaming platform. In order not to waste time and, most importantly, money, the first thing is the presence of casinos’ players in different countries. These lists are being provided in the online resource rules. Other useful information is also represented in the rules. If you thoroughly understand the main criteria for assessing the quality of services, this will let to avoid disappointment and financial losses.

In this article, we’ll talk about the importance to study the best online casinos’ rate and provide the criteria that deserve to be focused on to ensure a reliable and fair game. Lists of gambling platforms that accept players from all over the world are presented on many review sites. But this does not mean that such sites can be trusted. The first thing that should build your trust is the feedback from real players. It’s important to separate the level of truthfulness and objectivity of the reviews. It happens that a novice player, having lost 5-10 dollars, leaves the site offended and begins his hateful critics.

Indeed, there's nothing to discuss. We recommend choosing the online casino from a selection based on the criteria of the reliability of gambling platforms and the experienced gamblers’ rating. Only such ratings are trustworthy and are the basis for choosing a site. 

Of course, you can make your choice of any online casino on your own, without studying the information on review sites. But where is the guarantee that your choice will be correct, especially if you are a novice in gambling? Most of the online casinos have the same bright design: they have an attractive interface, involving ads, free spins, and bonus packages. It's hard to resist the temptation! Advertisement counts on it. 

If you trust the vivid picture, you can be wrong choosing a gambling site, and the consequences of such a choice will be the most unpleasant: manipulation of the results of bets, lack of winnings, or problems with payments. From this point of view, online casino rating review saves time, money, and health. It also reduces the risk to make the wrong choice. In this article, we want to provide objective information about the safe play for real money at the best online casinos with reliable software. 

Today, there are thousands of «no names» that are created by people who are far from understanding the gaming business, and they consider it as an investment, the way to gain «fast money» or «launder dirty income». That’s why there is such a high risk to receive a «404-page» error on such resources instead of fair money payment. It’s really important to understand when operators of such casinos are looking for a reason to fall behind the payments — they will definitely find it. We have collected the complete information about the leading online casinos’ quality criteria, and we will talk about the software, hidden parameters of slot machines, such as wager rating and bonuses program in the article below. This information will help you to choose the reliable slot offers and proper slot machines based on your goals. 

Criteria for choosing the right casino  

Well-thought design. The right casino chooses an experienced designer, a team of UI and UX specialists, skilled developers who will make the process of using an online casino clear and simple. But at the same time, the gaming platform should be memorable for every gambler, even a novice. If you notice familiar or borrowed banners and bonus packages in the casino design, you can safely bypass it. 

Wide range of slots and slot machines. The list of slots on the gambling platform deserves special attention. In the age of digital intellectual rights protection, the well-known gambling providers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Thunderkick, Novomatic, and others tapping requires a complete set of official documents. If you see games from these providers, it means this casino is operated by a serious company and is not fraudulent or one-day. 

Generous bonus policy. The reliable casinos respect their players and will always offer generous bonus packages and low min. deposits to get the player an opportunity to test the gaming platform's honesty and decide regarding further cooperation. The leaders of the gambling industry let themselves give away Welcome Bonuses (no deposit bonuses) or/and Free Spins (FS). Such a client-oriented approach aims to provide all the convenience for a potential gambler and makes it possible to check the return percentage and real money slots mathematics without investment. We draw your attention to the fact that each bonus has a wager percentage, which is called wager (wager), and the lower is the wager, the easier to win such a bonus back in the slot. 

24/7 technical support. Only truly reliable online gambling casinos with in-house online technical support able to ensure a hassle-free gambling experience for players. Operators are needed for the current supporting means: deposit an account, withdraw funds, choose a slot, explain the rules of bets, in a word, everything is designed for the convenience of the player. 

A strong support team that helps players to solve issues asap. The marketing department is the engine for the development of online casinos and the main mechanism in the general team that provides real profit to the platform — it brings new gamblers, retains, and returns existing ones. A reliable casino always informs its customers about the latest bonuses, drawings, and tournaments, makes regular mailings and creative presentations through all existing communication channels and sends personal bonus offers to individual gamblers. The most reliable online casinos send to their VIP gamblers incentive bonuses, provide SMS notifications, and cashback (percentage money return of the losses), create a loyalty level system. All this is very tedious work that requires not only money but also a vast amount of experienced specialists working time. You can and should entrust your money to such a casino! 

The expert assessment of the online casino RichPrize  

We will compile a unified professional rating of the RichPrize online casino as a reliable gambling operator. The rating is based on the following criteria: honest and fast payments, software quality, bonus program conditions, high-quality and operative support, etc. 

RichPrize is a licensed casino and operates under the legislation of the regions where it operates. The possession of a license guarantees honesty and transparency in relations with gamblers and affiliate programs and protects their interests. 

The main quality criteria for RichPrize online casinos:  

Reliability and honesty. 

  • Meets all the criteria for a high ranking online casino;  

  • Make payments of winnings fast and honest;  

  • Responds to gamblers requests promptly;  

  • Client-oriented approach — develops an individual bonus program and provides cashback for the opportunity to win back. 

Convenient payment solutions. 

It’s another important indicator that online casinos are going to work in the gambling market for many years. Deposit and withdrawal methods include bank cards, e-wallets, mobile payments, and even cryptocurrency payment systems.  

A wide range of methods represents RichPrize payment system:  

  • Mastercard and Alfa-Click payment systems service;  

  • E-Money: PayOp, Perfect Money, Yandex Money, QIWI Wallet, Piastrix, Payeer, Advcash, and others;  

Also, a higher rating is ensured by the availability of payment systems at the playground that is popular among Russian-speaking gamblers (Yandex Money, QIWI Wallet, Alfa-Click). 

A wide range of gambling products.  

The total number of slots and betting offers options is represented by a wide range: slots, casinos, roulette, poker, sports betting, jackpot games, a variety of weekly or long-term tournaments.  

There are also a variety of skill slots on the site. Each of these slots can be run in demo mode. It’s an ideal solution for the new coming gamblers with the absence of experience in gambling for money — to practice and get skills in gambling absolutely free of charge. 

Customer service.  

The assessment of the customer service is presented by competence and initiative. All channels are involved: email, messengers, live chat. The speed is also worth noting — customer support is provided 24/7, and often initiates a dialogue with partners and gamblers to develop a flexible approach and an individual bonus program. 

Attractive deposit free bonuses with a low wager.  

The RichPrize service attracts the attention of users due to its vivid picture, competent content and profound base, and a good bonus system. RichPrize casino provides Welcome Bonuses (no deposit bonuses)and flexible wagering options. Fraudulent platforms in the gambling industry often set the wager too high over the ability to win it back. A wager is a multiplier indicator on the amount you need to make bets to win the bonus back. The higher is the wager, the fewer chances to win it back. The RichPrize wager is low; at the level of x20-x30, it is quite possible to win it back and then withdraw the winnings by a convenient method. 

Technological effectiveness.  

This criterion assesses the technological advancement of a casino and the ability to keep up with the time, introducing new technologies into their products. RichPrize Casino operates with cryptocurrency, which becomes more and more popular in the online gambling industry, as the most reliable and liquid one. When depositing the account and providing payments with bitcoins, users receive additional personal protection and anonymity: no verification is required, and no personal banking information is requested. 

In such a way, casinos protect users from hostile attacks and provide an additional security level. It should be noted that this criterion corresponds to the rating of the most reliable gambling operators, verified by real withdrawals of funds and solving issues in gamblers’ favour. 

Also, RichPrize casino provides 100% First Deposit Bonus + 25 FS.  

The unique deposit bonuses up to 200% on the first deposit + 25 FS are also provided for affiliate programs, etc. 

The principal value of the RichPrize casino as a gaming software provider is a wide range of slot machines and a slots portfolio that is enlarged with qualified advanced new gambling products every month. At the same time, the casino notes that it can't be responsible for the slots provided to the platform by other B2B providers since it's exclusively a service provider, not a slot manufacturer. 

Quality and reliability for the final consumer, as well as regular payments and free withdrawal of the winnings, are the main value for the RichPrize gambling operator.  

Trust yourself and your knowledge! If you’ve carefully read the information outlined above, it means that we can keep calm — you won't be fooled by false haters and partners, and a prepaid rating of «best casinos». You have already received the basic information that you can check personally, and now both your success and win is only in your hands. We hope that our article will help you to make the right choice and login into the platforms with the best conditions for successful gambling.

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