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A Miami jury found Australian Dr. Craig Wright to be the real "Satoshi Nakomoto", founder of Bitcoin, following a month long trial.

The Monday morning news took everyone by surprise, even our colleagues over at CoinGeek who were left trying to catch their breath as correspondent Kurt Wuckert, Jr. scrambled to get his live feed up.  Following a number of days after jurors notified the court they were deadlocked, many were left believing this would end up a mistrial. 

The verdict came late morning with Wright winning overwhelmingly.

"This has been a remarkably good outcome," remarked Bitcoin's founder immediately following the verdict.  "I feel completely vindicated".

While a few naysayers continued to express disbelief - some of whom had live meltdowns via Twitter - the jury's decision is a final one.  Those who believe otherwise will hereby be lumped in with flat Earthers and Moon landing deniers.

The Miami jury was tasked with determining the legal owner of nearly $69 billion in Bitcoin as well as the legal identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the Bitcoin white paper. Ira Kleiman (the plaintiff) is the brother of a man Wright claims worked with him on the creation of Bitcoin. Dave Kleiman passed away in 2014.

Cameron Gould tweeted in disbelief, not that Wright is the true Satoshi, but rather why the mainstream press hadn't made this their top story.

"Craig Wright is pretty much confirmed to be Satoshi Nakamoto and this isn’t like huge news?"

Even CoinDesk had to lick its wounds after casting a negative light over Satoshi throughout the course of this trial.

"LIVE: Craig Wright wins court battle over $50 billion in #bitcoin. CoinDesk's @cryptowords breaks down the verdict on 'All About Bitcoin'."

So what's up next for Dr. Wright?

He tells us he's off to London to celebrate while continuing to push his beloved Bitcoin SV, which he notes is the true vision of what his BTC creation was meant to be with its bigger blocks.  Satoshi is also expected to appear at the upcoming CoinGeek Conference in Dubai.

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com

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