Satoshi: "I Went Through a Big Roller Coaster"

Written by:
Aaron Goldstein
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Dr. Craig S. Wright aka Satoshi Nakamoto talks about the verdict of the Satoshi Trial and the future of a world utilizing digital cash.

"It went through a big roller coaster," a normally confident Wright disclosed in reference to his feelings upon hearing that a verdict had been reached early Monday morning.  "The worst part was sitting there waiting. Hearing there was a verdict, that was itself difficult.  Just hearing there was going to be a verdict (and) it could be against me, so the roller coaster started going down. 

"And then it started to be read and I heard 'no partnership', which was, sort of, the first bit was great.  Then there was conversion...." 

A Miami jury found mostly in favor of Craig.  They were tasked with determining the relationship between Dr. Wright and late brother (David Kleiman) of the plaintiff (Ira Kleiman).

- Aaron Goldstein,

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