Can I Bet Sports Anonymously Online From My State?

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Mary Montgomery
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You can bet sports online from your state anonymously using the Bitcoin-only website Nitrobetting.  This means that the Nitrobetting website will not require your private information.  All you need to open an online sports betting account is an email address, nothing more.  No need to give them your social security number and they will never report your winnings.  All you need is a Bitcoin wallet where you can transfer an address to and from the sportsbook.  Nitrobetting is the largest Bitcoin-only sportsbook.


Great for Wagering From States That Do Not Allow Betting on In-State Schools

As a rule, most of the Northeast US states prohibit betting on games that feature any of their in-state schools.  This extends down to Virginia. 

Other states like Illinois also prohibit betting on in-state schools.  States with marquee college teams the likes of Michigan and even Pennsylvania, providing the one exception to the Northeast state rule, do allow betting on their beloved in-state schools.  Ohio is expected to do the same.

Oregon does not permit wagering on college sports at all online.

Avoid the Tax Implications

We're not talking about reporting, you will always want to file your taxes.  The problem with some states it that they impose such high tax rates on operators that this is ultimately passed down to players in the form of poor lines and less generous bonus offers.  Nitrobetting offers some of the best real cash bonuses on the Net.

Some taxes can also be brutal depending on where one lives.  When you register with a state-regulated app, that company is required to submit your information in many cases.  

Top Bonuses

Give a special boost to your bankroll with the Nitrobetting 100% Real Wager Bonus. No matter what sport you are betting on, every wager type counts towards your bonus, so win or lose you will always receive a reward for your sports betting action!

They also offer loyalty bonuses, which can also be quite lucrative.

How to Bet Using Bitcoin

Learn how to deposit and withdraw funds using Bitcoin.  Remember, there is no minimum deposit, but if you wish to open your account with just $100 you'll be sending 0.0031477 BTC (Bitcoin).  Think of it like sending pennies on the dollar.

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