Introducing Britain's Youngest Bitcoin Billionaire

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Great Britain has a new billionaire - that's billionaire with a "b".

A former Oxford student hit the milestone at just 34, making him the youngest British billionaire.  Ben Delo co-founded the bitcoin trading platform BitMex in 2014, which is now valued at $3.6billion USD.  Online gamers from a number of countries can use the trading platform to link to their gambling site-connected secure wallets.

Delo lives frugally in Hong Kong with his wife Pan Pan Wong.

Why Open Blockchain Matters

In this talk, Andreas looks at how the ethos of the free & open-source software movement was vital to Bitcoin's success and explains why it is the open blockchains that truly matter in building a borderless, censorship-resistant internet of money. With applications that are open-source, open-access, and built through permissionless innovation at the edge.

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