WinStars Pitch: Blockchain Solutions in the Gambling Industry Show Constant Growth

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WinStars CEO Yehor Volotkovich spoke at this past week’s d10e Conference in Tel Aviv.  It is billed as “The Leading Conference On Decentralization”.

WinStar claims that it can provide a full transparency for players and owners.

“Our platform is concentrated on players protection guaranteed by smatrcontract,” a company presser ensures.

Previously, the company claims that blockchain had not been implemented into the online gambling sector due to high costs of smartcontract implementation, dependency of 3rd party oracles, insufficiency fraud protection, inability to attract “fiat lovers”, players verification, low speed and limited bandwidth capacity.  There were also concerns over existing gambling Blockchain solutions.

That is all changing according to Volotkovich.

Watch his pitch at the d10e Conference below.

- Aaron Goldstein, Gambling911.com

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