Sustainable Bockchain Gaming Platform With Eco-Friendly Games and Utility NFTs

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Aaron Goldstein
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The BSV ecosystem has been focused on environmental sustainability since day one and this past month Smart Ledger introduced M.R. Megawatt and Friends.

The immediate roadmap for M.R. Megawatt and Friends includes a host of quantified, carbon-reducing gamifications designed to reduce an individual player’s personal carbon footprint through gameplay.

“The convergence of environmental, social, and (corporate) governance (ESG) initiatives with NFTs, gaming, micropayments, and provable sustainable actions is extremely exciting. It is now economically possible to gamify ESG, incentivizing players to compete for not only micro-payment rewards but environmental action leaderboards. We are able to utilize the power of micropayments, NFTs, and a secure, proof-of-work blockchain to make it fun to help the planet. Only with a scalable public blockchain is this possible,” SmartLedger CTO Greg Ward told CoinGeek.

Right now, M.R. Megawatt and Friends is a proof of concept, offering users the chance to jump over blocks and collect Hemp Power-Ups along the way.  It features sustainable NFTs with utility functions such as advertising credits and access to a sustainability store.

As a whole, the vision is to create a carbon neutralizing game platform that scales to global levels. 

- Aaron Goldstein,

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