Doug Polk: Tai Lopez Needs to Stop Selling Me His Bitcoin Course

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Tai Lopez is famous for hanging out in his garage, showing off Lamborghinis, reading thousands of books, chilling with celebrities, and aggressively marketing his courses on YouTube. Unfortunately for us, he has now set his sights on the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. PLEASE STOP!

"If you don't know who Tai Lopez is, you probably haven't been on the Internet over the past few years," poker pro Doug Polks suggests.

Polk blasts Lopez for suggesting one should have kept all of their interests in Bitcoin. 

"You should never been all in on one investment type and if you kept all those Bitcoin for that long then if Bitcoin did crash at some point you would have lost everything," Polk says.

His video was produced just prior to the cryptocurrencies crashing on Tuesday, a trend that was continuing into Wednesday.

Doug Polk goes off on Lopez.  Scroll Down Below to Watch

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