Real Madrid v. DC United Odds

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Alistair Prescott
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Real Madrid vs. DC United Odds

It may just be an exhibition game but Real Madrid v. DC United odds are a hot commodity, at least Stateside where North American bookmakers were reporting some decent betting action.    

"This was among the top 6 most bet on games heading into Sunday," commented Dan Shapiro of

This is also one of two hot exhibition games being played out on Sunday, the other being Buffalo v. Tennessee NFL football.  

Real Madrid v. DC United odds had the Spanish super power listed at -300.  DC United would pay out US$600 for every US$100 bet if they were to win.

"We want to establish a relationship with the American fan base," said Emilio Butragueño, Real Madrid director of Football. "So D.C. United was an obvious choice, because they have won the most championships."

The match will be played just outside Washington D.C. at FedEx field, which seats 91,000. Four years ago, United played Chelsea, a power from the English Premier League, but that barely drew more than 30,000, according to USA Today.

Sunday's exhibition game should surpass those numbers mostly because of Real Madrid's $131 Million Dollar Man, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Already soccer has had an impact on bookmakers catering to the States with Team U.S.A. nearly pulling off the upset of Brazil at the Confederate's Cup.

"That game drew some of the best betting action from U.S. gamblers on a soccer game in recent memory," Shapiro points out.

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