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Daily Fantasy Sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel have helped to boost the popularity in golf by offering top contests via their respective websites.  This has also translated into more interest in actual betting on golf with more attainable payouts starting this year at $70 on a $10 bet and going all the way up to $2000 and $700 on a $100 bet and all the way up to $20000

Sample contests at DraftKings attract such a large field it is close to impossible to win the top prize (typically set at $100K).

$400,000 Drive the Green – $100k to first – $3 entry

$400,000 Pressure Putt – $100k to first – $400 entry

$300,000 Dogleg – $30k to first – $33 entry

$100,000 Thunderdome – $5,300 entry

$75,000 Clubhouse – $1,060 entry

$60,000 Drive Range – $150 entry, 3 entry max

$50,000 Hybrid – $3 entry, 3 entry max

Buy-ins are low but so too are minimum bets at sites like, where the minimum wager is $5.

Dustin Johnson was listed at 7-1 odds, meaning a $10 bet pays $70.  A $5 bet pays $35.

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