Pay Per Head Tips: Cross-Sport Parlays to Keep in Mind

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The 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament Round of 32 takes place over the weekend.

Because online bookie agents don’t know which teams will win in Round 1 on Thursday and Friday, it’s difficult to pinpoint what March Madness Tournament games to promote in cross-sport parlays.

No worries! We’ve created a few cross-sport parlays “things to keep in mind” that should help any per head agent create promotions that lead to profit.

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1. Offer relevant cross-sports parlays

Other sports happen this weekend. It’s not all about the March Madness College Basketball Tournament.

The Memphis Grizzlies host the Denver Nuggets at FedEx Forum in an NBA game on Saturday, March 17.

Why not promote that game along with Tennessee’s match up over the weekend should Tennessee beat Wright State in Round 1 of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament?

2. Promote regional cross-sports parlays

NASCAR is in California this Sunday, March 18. If Arizona ends up playing over the weekend, wouldn’t it be a nice idea to promote a 3-team cross-sport parlay?

Why not include Arizona in the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series at California, and the NBA game between Golden State and Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday?

You’ve got a cross-sports California/Arizona parlay if you choose to promote the one above.

3. Promote a cross-sports championship parlay

One thing a pay per head agent could do that might lead to massive amounts of action is to promote a cross-sports championship parlay.

Offering sports bettors a parlay that pays a flat pay-out to pick the winners of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, the NBA Championship, the World Series, and something like the PGA Master’s Golf Tournament that happens in mid-April could lead to a ton of action.

Don’t forget the keys for profit from a promotion like this. There must be a max betting limit on the parlay. $25 to $50 might be all that per head agents wish to allow on a parlay like this.

Also, agents must add a pay out ceiling. A $500 credit to the winner might be a good idea.

$25 to make $500 makes it a contest parlay. That’s what online bookie agents want to do with this parlay.

Offering true parlay odds on money line parlays could lead to disaster. 

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