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Win Free Super Bowl (2010) Tickets

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2010 Pro Bowl Betting Preview – AFC vs. NFC

2010 Pro Bowl Betting Preview
This 2010 Pro Bowl Betting Preview - AFC vs. NFC - is brought to you by SBG Global, one of the leaders in massive free cash bonuses since 1999. Always use bonus code GAMBLING911 before joining.

Super Bowl Bet: Best of the Best will be looking at some of the very best Super Bowl bets in terms of overall value and payout odds over the course of this next week. The Super Bowl bet we will examine now is one found at

Betting on the 2010 Super Bowl: Early BetUS Preview

Betting on the 2010 Super Bowl has begun in earnest and over the next several days, records will be set and money will be flowing into the various online sportsbooks like, which has been in business for well over a decade.

Super Bowl Line Back Down to Colts -5 ½

Super Bowl Line
Carrie Stroup here. continues to monitor all the latest line movements involving the upcoming Super Bowl game between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts.

Las Vegas 2010 Super Bowl Betting: Highest Total Ever

Las Vegas 2010 Super Bowl Betting
As with each Super Bowl, we expect it to be the biggest in terms of overall traffic ( and amount of bets placed (the online sportsbooks and Las Vegas). Most of the news we get on betting action, volume and results comes by way of Vegas since the online bookies don’t want their information getting out following a series of post-2006 arrests with evidence based on published financials

2010 Pro Bowl Odds – Bets Go Towards NFC

2010 Pro Bowl Odds
2010 Pro Bowl odds overwhelmingly had lopsided action on the NFC by a whopping 82 percent at (see odds here) The NFC was favored by 2 ½ points after opening at -1 ½ earlier in the week. The NFC has won three of the last four Pro Bowls.

2010 Super Bowl Betting Props

What follows is the 2010 Super Bowl Betting Props Bible of sorts. While it is not a full list of the various props that will be available, it is rather comprehensive.

Betting on the Super Bowl (2010)

Betting on the Super Bowl 2010 is getting more brisk as we approach the big game and more odds are becoming available each day as well.

Tim Tebow Super Bowl 2010 Commercial: More Odds Up

CBS insists it will air the controversial Tim Tebow Super Bowl 2010 commercial that has everyone talking for its “pro-life” stance and Tebow continues to make waves in the Super Bowl betting world, as New Orleans and Indianapolis prepare to battle for the Vince Lombardi trophy on February 7th.

Indianapolis Colts: Get the -5 ½ While It Lasts had the New Orleans Saints at +6. They were one of the few books to move the line up and others were likely to follow. For the time being was one of about half the online sportsbooks still listing a line of -5 ½ for the Colts heading into Friday January 29.

Saints-Colts Line Still Indianapolis -6

Saints-Colts Line
Heading into Friday morning, the Saints-Colts line for the 2010 Super Bowl remained steady at Indianapolis -6 at

Brett Favre Retirement Odds

Brett Favre Retirement Odds
If you are looking to place a bet on Brett Favre retiring, you might find better odds on him NOT playing Week 1 of the 2010 NFL season for Minnesota. That assumes a retirement. Those odds pay $3 for every $2 bet.

Drew Brees Will Play in Super Bowl 2010

Drew Brees
There was some early speculation that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees might be injured as we head into the Super Bowl 2010. Those rumors have since been put to rest. The injury in question regarded his shoulder. But an injury report released Wednesday did not have Drew Brees name on it.

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad Draws Controversy

Former Florida All-American and Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Tim Tebow will be appearing in a Super Bowl ad that is already raising eyebrows. It is one that is mother, Pam, will take part in.

Super Bowl Mardi Gras?

Combine two great party events and you get a Super Bowl Mardi Gras!

2010 Super Bowl Margin of Victory Betting

2010 Super Bowl Margin of Victory Betting
2011 Super Bowl margin of victory betting odds were now available at These are among the most lucrative betting opportunities in terms of overall payout potential.

Super Bowl 2010 Lines

Sports was offering the following updated Super Bowl 2010 lines as of Thursday January 28, 2010.

Sports Betting News: NBA Relaxes Gambling Stance

The NBA may be taking another step toward relaxing its antigambling stance. The league is talking with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. about adding the league's games to lottery cards in 8,000 gambling facilities, according to OLG and NBA spokesmen.

2010 Super Bowl Betting Boost to Off Year

The start of the regular NFL season was shaky at best for both online sportsbooks and the Vegas books with much smaller bets and less volume compared to past years. 2010 Super Bowl betting was expected to give a much needed jolt.

New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts Spreads Specials

The New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts spread was available immediately following the second Conference Championship game on Sunday, but many sports bettors do not realize that there are other Super Bowl spread options available, some with very enticing payouts.

Pro Bowl 2010 Odds: NFC Favored

Pro Bowl 2010 Odds
NFL commish Roger Goodell is changing things up this year, putting the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl, as opposed to after and has all your Pro Bowl 2010 odds.

Best (or Worse) Brett Favre Blunders Ever

Following Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre’s dreadful interception that cost his team a Super Bowl showing, the fine folks at decided to create a list of most famous Favre blunders.

Indianapolis Colts and the Over Still Getting Pounded

Indianapolis Colts
When it comes to the 2010 Super Bowl, the big early bets were on the Colts to beat a -5 ½ spread and the total score to go over 56.5 points.

Super Bowl 2010 Halftime Show Prop Bets

Super Bowl 2010 Halftime Show prop bets were now available and among the few that were betable this long prior to the big game.
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