2010 British Open

2010 British Open

Louis Oosthuizen Leads at 2010 British Open

South African player Louis Oosthuizen led the 2010 British Open by Saturday’s close.  He was ahead of American Paul Casey by two strokes. 

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/17/2010

2010 British Open Odds Now Have Rory McIlroy Favored

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Jul/15/2010

Rory McIlroy British Open Win Would Crush Bookies

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/15/2010

2010 Open Championship Predictions: Tiger Woods Doomed?

Submitted by C Costigan on, Jul/14/2010

2010 Open Championship Odds To Win (Updated)

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Jul/13/2010

British Open Odds Open at betED.com

British Open 2010 odds were now available at betED.com, which had Tiger Woods as a +375 favorite with a

Paul The Octopus: How About An Open Championship Pick?

To date, Paul the Octopus has only made predictions on major football matches.  His World Cup picks were perfect including a selection of Spain to win outright in Sunday's final.  So will Paul ma

Submitted by Alistair Prescott on, Jul/12/2010

St. Andrews Gets More Loving Than Tiger Woods

At this year's Open Championship, the golf course seems to be getting more love than any of the golfers, including Tiger Woods.

The question is WHY?

Fanhouse.com describes the course as flat, treeless, wide open and brown.  Hardly the traits we think of when it comes to today's well manicured golf courses.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jul/12/2010

2010 British Open Odds: Tiger Woods 5/1

He may have the longest odds yet in a Majors tournament, Tiger Woods 2010 British Open odds were coming in at 5/1 for a payout potential of US$50 on every US$10 bet at Sportsbetting.com (Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Jul/12/2010

2010 Open Championship Betting Takes Center Stage

Now that the FIFA World Cup has concluded, online bookmakers shift to the most wagered on golf event of the year.  2010 Open Championship betting gets underway with odds released from Submitted by Ean Lamb on, Jul/11/2010

Odds to Win the 2010 Open Championship

Odds to win the 2010 Open Championship were now available at BetUS.com (see website here).  Often referred to as the British Open, thi

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Jul/10/2010

Tiger Woods Divorce Will Pay Out 3/1 Odds

Long taken down, anyone who got in on those Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren divorce odds late this past year may finally realize a pay day.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Jul/01/2010

Tiger Woods Sex in a Church Parking Lot

The Tiger Woods sex scandal continues to shock, though Saturday things slowed just a bit and BetUS.com quietly pulled its Submitted by Guest on, Dec/06/2009

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