Chicago White Sox vs. Minnesota Twins Odds to Win 2009 World Series

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Carrie Stroup
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With two teams - the Chicago White Sox and Minnesota Twins - virtually neck and neck to win the American League Central Division, we wanted to take a look at which of these two teams the odds makers favor most to win the 2009 World Series.

The Chicago White Sox odds to win the 2009 World Series were sitting at +1500 for a possible payout of $1500 for every $100 bet at The Minnesota Twins would pay out $2000 for every $100 bet.

Either team offers excellent value. In fact, here is a nifty little trick if you think one of these two power teams can go on to win the World Series.

Place a bet on one team at, a bet on the other team at Then look at any one of the endorsed online sportsbooks and place another bet on a team that you think stands the best odds of winning the 2009 World Series (maybe the Chicago Cubs or Tampa Bay Rays). Opening more than one online sports betting account is always recommended in order to achieve maximum value with your wagering especially as we close in on the World Series.

Talk about a team that was not supposed to come close to winning the World Series this year. The Chicago White Sox have the potential to pay out $10,000 for every $100 bet for anyone who jumped on them at the start of the season. A $200 bet could pay $20,000 and so on. Who could forget a few years back when the Florida Marlins World Series win resulted in at least one lucky $100,000 payout.

John Donavan of Sports Illustrated writes:

Who would've figured that? Who could have figured it? The White Sox were supposedly old and full of holes and, at best, pulling up in third behind the Indians and the Tigers in the American League Central. The Sox lost 90 games last year. They're known more for their manager, the garrulous Ozzie Guillen, than for the guys on their roster.

Yet here they sit, in the middle of August, in first place.

Nothing about this team screams "division winner," let alone "World Series." Their lineup is painfully one-dimensional, tailored to their hitting-friendly home park, U.S. Cellular Field. Their rotation has a 4.07 ERA, right in the middle of the AL pack, with a bit more power pitching than most and a little more control than others. Their bullpen is pretty good (3.49 ERA), but it's not great.

They're tough to beat in The Cell (42-19) but awful away from it (26-33). They hit a lot of homers -- 172 of them.

The Twins odds weren't much shorter. They would pay out $8000 for every $100 bet early on in the season if they were to somehow pull off a win.

If they continue to press the Chicago White Sox in the AL Central race, the Twins would emerge as a threat to win the wild card. And if they do that, then winning the AL East could become a "must" for the Red Sox.


This is Carrie Stroup reporting for, the gambling news and odds authority.

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