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NBA Betting Odds, NBA News

NBA, NFL Potential Strikes: Odds Posted

Online bookmaker has released odds on the potential of either NBA or NFL strikes/lockouts.  The good news for fans of these two sports and gamblers alike is that the odds do not favor a strike or lockout.

Chris Paul Knicks Rumors Hot

Chris Paul
The reports that NBA player Chris Paul is leaving the New Orleans Hornets to join up with another big name superstar somewhere else have the rumor mills on fire and online bookmakers are looking to capitalize as well. 

Odds to Win 2011 NBA Championship Released by Sports Betting has released odds to win the 2011 NBA Championship and, to nobody’s surprise perhaps, the new look Miami Heat with Lebron James come in as the 2/1 favorites (actually paying just shy of 2/1 odds)

Lebron James Will Help Market Miami Internationally

Miami Lebron James

Dwyane Wade: Lebron James Didn’t Quit

Lebron James
On Thursday, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade defended his newest teammate Lebron James against allegations lodged by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert that “Lebron quit” during the NBA Playoffs.

Cavs Owner “Slave Master Mentality” Says Jesse Jackson

Cavs Owner Slave Master
The Reverend Jesse Jackson responded to Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert's remarks on Sunday that “Lebron James quit” in his last remaining NBA Playoffs games by saying Gilbert sees James as a "runaway slave".

LeBron James Already Gives South Florida Economic Boost

Lebron James
The Miami Herald is reporting that LeBron James is giving South Florida a boost already.

Derek Fisher Turns Down Heat Offer

Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher will return to the Los Angeles Lakers as part of a three-year $9 million deal. Fisher had been courted by the Miami Heat and Lebron James.

Lebron James Mural Torn Down: Meets Derek Fisher at Airport

Lebron James
Workers in Cleveland dismantled a 10-story-tall iconic image of NBA player Lebron James on a mural in downtown Saturday, a billboard that has dominated the city's skyline for years. And as Cleveland continues to agonize over losing Lebron, Miami continues to improve its roster with yet another potential signing.

Miami Heat, Lebron James Favored to Win 2011 NBA Championship

Lebron James Miami Heat
The folks from, one of the most successful online gambling ventures, have wasted little time in getting odds up on which team will win the 2011 NBA Championship and Eastern Conference.

Cleveland Fans Burn Lebron James Jerseys

Lebron James Jersey
The Cleveland Cavaliers fans are not taking things well Friday upon learning that their star NBA player Lebron James is heading to Miami Heat where he will join the likes of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The Cleveland Plains Dealer featured a photograph of angry fans burning Lebron’s jersey in the street.

Lebron James is Going to Miami Heat

The biggest free agent in the NBA, Lebron James, is heading to the Miami Heat after months of speculation. Miami had become a big favorite early on Thursday.

Lebron James Knicks Hopes Dashed: Even Papers Say So

Lebron James Knicks
The New York City newspapers have been licking their chops at the thought of NBA superstar Lebron James landing in their city with the Knicks.

Lebron James Miami Heat: Now The Favorite

Lebron James Miami Heat
The suspense is at a fever pitch as oddsmakers at have slashed Lebron James odds of going to the Miami Heat from +200 to -250.

Lebron James Staying in Cleveland Predict Bookie: Knicks Odds Cut

Lebron James Cleveland
The folks from have made Lebron James a lofty -250 favorite to remain in Cleveland Wednesday following news that he will hold a one hour long press conference on ESPN Thursday night at 9 pm EST.

Lebron James Decision Where to Play Comes Thursday

Lebron James
So much anticipation as NBA’s biggest free agent in years, Lebron James, will finally make his decision as to where he will be playing.

Chris Bosh Will Play For Miami Heat

Chris Bosh
Reports began circulating Wednesday morning that NBA free agent Chris Bosh will be joining Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat.

NBA Rookie of the Year Odds Posted

The NBA draft has just come and gone featuring some teams looking for new talent and others making moves to better position themselves to land a high profile free agent. With a talented rookie class now ready to showcase their skills next season fans across the country are already debating who will take home Rookie of the Year honors. This being the case, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, posted odds on who will take home top rookie honors in the coming season.

Dwyane Wade 1/10 Odds Favorite To Stay With Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade
There has been plenty of talk about a free agent gathering where Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will join forces somewhere, though nobody can quite pinpoint where.

Lebron James: Pulls Odds

Lebron James
There is so much speculation as to where NBA’s most valuable free agent will ultimately end up that was forced to pull its Lebron James odds down on Thursday, at least temporarily.

Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade Meet in Miami

Lebron James
A meeting between three of today’s best NBA free agents in Miami - Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade – has led to much speculation

Betting on the NBA Draft

nba draft 2010/2011
Betting on the NBA Draft is becoming more and more popular every year.

Phil Jackson Retiring From Lakers?

Phil Jackson Retiring
Lakers head coach Phil Jackson is leaning towards retirement according to reports that surfaced on Wednesday.

NBA Finals Game 7 Do Or Die

NBA Finals Game 7
The winner-take-all NBA Finals Game 7 between the Lakers and Celtics is set for tonight at 9:05 PM ET. Coming off a horrid performance Tuesday night, Boston is currently 7 point underdogs at

NBA Finals Game 7 Celtics Lakers Preview

NBA Finals Game 7 Celtics Lakers
This NBA Finals Game 7 Celtics Lakers preview is courtesy of SBG Global.
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