New NFL Betting Props Offer More Excitement

Defense may win championships, however the list of best defensive teams changes more frequently than offense. We rightly assume Pittsburgh and Baltimore are always in the mix and these two teams are the favorites in this prop category, with the Steelers +250 and the Ravens +400.

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Aug/28/2009

Chicago Bears Betting News: Last Line of Defense

The last line of defense appears to be the last unit the Bears will figure out -- unless they already have a plan and aren't sharing it, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

There are injury and performance worries heading into the 2009 NFL season.  Betting on the regular season wins total for 2009 would pay $130 for every $100 bet if Chicago were to win UNDER 8 ½ games.  The oddsmakers do have the Bears favored to win OVER 8 ½ games however.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/28/2009

Dallas Cowboys Betting News: Roy Williams Will Play Week 1

The Dallas Cowboys odds of winning anything in 2009 could have been dramatically altered with the news of receiver Roy Williams getting injured.  Initially it was believed to have been a broken co

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/28/2009

Delaware Sports-Betting Violates U.S. Law, Court Says

THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 2009Delaware's plan to introduce single- game sports betting violates U.S.
Submitted by Guest on, Aug/28/2009

Michael Vick vs. The Jaguars Betting Odds

Forget the Philadelphia Eagles vs.

Submitted by Guest on, Aug/27/2009

Odds to Win the 2010 BCS National Championship has released their odds to win the 2010 BCS National Championship.

Submitted by Tyrone Black on, Aug/27/2009

Cincinnati Bengals: Should We Start Worrying Now?

Is it too early to worry about the running game of the Cincinnati Bengals?

This is the question posed by on Thursday. 

There are some early warning signs that this could be an issue. Starting tailback Cedric Benson is off to a slow start, recording just 56 yards on 18 carries in two preseason games. He's averaging 3.1 yards per attempt and also fumbled twice, losing one. It's only the preseason. But if the Bengals want to compete in the AFC North this year, they will have to do a much running the football.

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Aug/27/2009

2009 Pac Ten Conference Preview

The Tony George Group presents its thorough 2009 Pac Ten Conference Preview for readers.  Be sure to check out Tony George regularly at w

Green Bay Packers 2009 Odds are Good

With such a tight division, the Green Bay Packers odds of winning and paying out handsomely are quite good.  The payout would be $200 for every $10

Oakland Raiders Problems Continue: Bettors on the Under

Sports bettors and oddsmakers alike are pretty certain the Oakland Raiders are going to w

Minnesota Vikings Divided Over Brett Farve?

Immediately following news that the Minnesota Vikings had signed Brett Farve as their starting quarterback, online oddsmakers scrambled to change Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/26/2009

Dallas Cowboys 2009 Odds

In recent years, the Dallas Cowboys have been instilled among the favorites to win a championship and their respective division.  This year, the expectations are low.   They are listed with Submitted by Mary Montgomery on, Aug/26/2009

Delaware May Have Other Options With Sports Betting

I'm still on my magical mystery tour of Vegas and last night I was hanging at the Mandalay Bay with two guys who have a vested interest in what happened in Delaware yesterday: Joe Brennan, chairman

Submitted by Guest on, Aug/26/2009

Free NFL Pick: Green Bay +3.5 @ Arizona August 28 2009 is happy to publish this free NFL Pick on the Green Bay/Arizona game for  August 28, 2009.  You can bet on it at Submitted by Tony George on, Aug/26/2009

Baltimore Ravens Odds to Win 2010 Super Bowl: Not So Fast

Yes the Baltimore Ravens are among the teams that could win the 2010 Super Bowl and the odds are quite enticing, with the Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/26/2009

New York Jets Betting: Mark Sanchez Will Start

The quarterback controversy in New York may now be over with confirmation that Mark Sanchez will be the starting quarterback for the year with the New York Jets. 

Kellen Clemens was formerly the front-runner for the quarterback position, but even with four years in the league, his experience is limited.  The Jets are attempting to mold the 22-year old rookie Sanchez into a long-term fixture for the team. 

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/26/2009

2010 Super Bowl Odds (Updated August 26)

The 2010 Super Bowl odds are constantly changing, thus the importance of locking your favorite numbers (payout odds) in now.

Some of the big changes in recent days includes the Minnesota Vikings getting slashed all the way to +800 odds for a payout potential of $800 on every $100 bet at SBG Global.  This occurred of course as a result of the Brett Farve signing. 

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Aug/26/2009

Tampa Bay Bucs 2009 Odds Hurt by Injuries

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers open Week 1 of the 2009 NFL as a +4 ½ underdog at  Their odds of winning anything in 2009 seem to be dwindling wit

Submitted by Don Shapiro on, Aug/25/2009

2009 AFC West Preview (Betting)

The AFC West Division is expected to be a one-horse race in 2009 as we will be discussing in this 2009 AFC West Preview.

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Aug/25/2009

Caster Semenya, Lady Gaga: Man or Woman? Who Cares's own Cuban transgender reporter, Sparky Collins, says "stop making a mountain of a mole hill" in regard to the controversies surrounding South African runner Caster Semen

Submitted by Carrie Stroup on, Aug/25/2009

Michael Vick to Play on Thursday

The Philadelphia Eagles are not wasting any time getting Michael Vick on the playing field.  The team announced he will be making his debut this coming Thursday.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/25/2009

Cleveland Browns 2009 Odds: Best to Take The Under

The Cleveland Browns look like they could be the worst team in the NFL this season.  It's bad enough they play in a division with Pittsburgh and Baltimore.  Their odds of winning anything are dra

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/25/2009

Edgerrin James Enough to Help Seattle Seahawks Odds?

Edgerrin James has landed in Seattle and will be playing with the Seahawks. It's a one-year, $2 million deal, according to Pro Football Talk.

Submitted by Mary Montgomery on, Aug/24/2009

Raiders 2009 Odds: JaMarcus Russell the QB for Now

The Oakland Raiders enter the 2009 season with odds of winning anything hinging on who the quarterback will be:  Jeff Garcia or JaMarcus Russell. 

Submitted by Guest on, Aug/23/2009

Michigan Wolverines 2009 Odds: Who Will Start as Quarterback?

The Michigan Wolverines 2009 odds of winning will depend heavily on who the starting quarterback is going to be.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/23/2009

Philadelphia Eagles, Michael Vick and Grey Goose

Last week, the Philadelphia Eagles shocked the world by signing Michael Vick as a backup quarterback.  Vick was suspended by the NFL and served prison time for his role in a dog fighting and gambl

Submitted by Guest on, Aug/23/2009

Alabama Crimson Tide 2009 Betting Odds

The Alabama Crimson Tide 2009 betting odds were set at +350 to win the SEC Conference for a potential $350 payout on every $100 bet at SBG Global.

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/23/2009

Pete Rose Debate Shows No Sign of Dying

In the category of baseball controversies that not only don't die but don't even taper off a little bit, we have now had two decades of the argument regarding Pete Rose.

We have come to the 20th anniversary of Rose accepting a lifetime ban from baseball for gambling on baseball. In every single moment during these 20 years, you could start a heated debate among baseball fans anywhere, by uttering these four simple words: "What about Pete Rose ..."

Submitted by Guest on, Aug/23/2009

Nebraska Cornhuskers 2009 Betting Odds

The Nebraska Cornhuskers 2009 betting odds were listed at +225 to win the Big 12 Conference and +4500 odds to win the 2010 BCS Championship for a payo

Penn State Odds to Win The 2010 Big 10 Conference

Penn State odds to win the 2009 Big 10 Conference were listed at +150 at SBG Global.  Ohio State was only a slightly bigger favorite over Penn at

Submitted by Dan Shapiro on, Aug/22/2009

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Maria Konnikova Profiled in New York Times Piece: 'I Have Zero Interest in Gambling'

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