Most Bet on Sides Include Eagles: Jump All Over the Broncos

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Here we have your most popular bet on matches and wagered on sides as of Sunday morning (11:30 am EST)  Get Live Odds Here


Eagles -7 71% (Books continue to push action towards Philadelphia with the line dropped a half point and action on the Eagles increasing by 8 percent over night  – Expect a Denver cover here)

Rams -5.5 73% (More heavy action on one side.  In the case of the Rams, however, books are actively trying to get action on New York.  Some books have moved up 2 points and in some cases 2.5 points with a few listing LA at -6 now.

Titans -4 67%

Saints -7 67%


Broncos vs. Eagles

Rams vs. Giants

Bucs vs. Saints

Chiefs vs. Cowboys

Bengals vs. Jaguars

Colts vs. Texans

Chelsea v Man Utd


Biddy The Boss    

9/10 (GP)

16:20 NH FLAT 2m      

Lackaneen Leader 

5/2 (GP)

16:20 NH FLAT 2m      


10/3 (GP)

16:20 NH FLAT 2m

- Don Shapiro,

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