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Unemployment Extensions Stopped by Jon Kyl

Jon Kyl

Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl has been in the news quite a bit of late.

Kyl was speaking in opposition of a proposal that would have required employers to include basic maternity care in the benefits package offered to employees.

Kyl said during that Senate hearing on healthcare, "I don't need maternity care. So requiring that on my insurance policy is something that I don't need and will make the policy more expensive."  

Kyl also doesn't need unemployment extensions, but nearly 10 percent of Americans do.


"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) tried to accelerate the usual lengthy process in order to take a quick vote on proposed bill H.R. 3548 to give federal unemployment benefits extension to all 50 states but Kyl halted his efforts, calling for more time to consider the bill and possibly add amendments to it.

"This means that the bill has no chance of a vote this week, as Senate Dems had indicated was likely, but rather the earliest can pass is next week. So for the thousands whose benefits will run out soon, let alone those whose benefits have already run out, you have Jon Kyl to thank for not getting this extension passed sooner."

Though Kyl himself is not up for re-election for another couple of years, his state colleague in the Senate, John McCain, will be next year.   There are signs that Kyl's actions in his party could ultimately harm Senator McCain.  This latest move can't exactly help.  

Arizona's unemployment rate is only slightly below the national average at 9.3 percent. 

Jon Kyl is an outspoken opponent of legalized online gambling. 

Christopher Costigan, Publisher 



I hope that all of you people that are fed up with Jon Kyl and his Republican friends will vote them out of office in 2012. They don't give a shit about what you say. The only way to get through to them is to vote them out of a job.
need to vote out this person, he is not in touch with reality, his common concerns are for the rich, we should try this guy for treason, he's against the will of the people, and thats unconstitional, we the people of this great country ask you to step down resin and go off to another country, goodbye john, goodbye
Hey assfucker, im gonna jump on your back and slit your fuckin throat, You are effecting my little girls life, anyone who fucks around with my family will die
man, i feel your pain. my wife is unemployed and this hard stance on UI is really going to make it difficult to pay bills. but i think that i speak for most in say that threating murder is probobly not going to get you what you want.
This is what happens when you let uneducated people vote. For the educated ones that voted for him, this is what happens when you sleep through your goverment class, you missed the part where they told you to investigate and learn all you can about the canidate or do not vote for that office. Uninformed-Uneducated....whatever same thing, same outcome. Know the canidate and views you are putting into the office, or opt out of voting that office and let those that actually did their homework on these guys do the voiting.....He just F&%$@@ all 50 states. Thanks, my child's home depended on this approval. I am now homeless, a single parent, with a 4 year degree and a 7 year old child,(as soon as they can evict me.........)!
our "representatives" have set themselves up with a separate set of rules. they get more benefits for one term in office than we get for working our entire lives. any and I repeat ANY vote or bill they sign that affects healthcare, unemployment, or social security doesn't affect them, they have their "own" plan not governed by the people but by themselves. one term in office garners them full social security benefits, they stay on a certain lobbyists good side for a cushy job as they sit back and sneer at the voters who bought their lies just to gain office. the only people they care about are themselves and allowing illegals to leech off taxpayers just so they have "more constituents" to get more federal monies for themselves. I work and can't get aid other than Obama's stimulus of "get a government loan and go to school" while illegals and con artists draw full benefits off my tax dollars..... so even if he isn't re elected he'll laugh all the way to the bank because "his" benefits will take full care of him on our tax dollars even if he is unemployed.
Everyone needs to let John Kyl know that he is targeted for leaving his office by letting him know they will definitely not re-elect him even if it means voting for the other party's candidate. It's about time this foolish bickering stopped between the parties. We need a system of independent politicians whose platforms are considered as well as their integrity. This two party system no longer works and in the same way the horse and buggy had its day, but then became obsolete, this two party system has seen its usefulness drained and it is time to flush out the arrogant and entrenched assholes and begin a new era of open minded and caring leaders who can see beyond their own selfish wants and get back to representing the people who send them to Washington in the first place. John Kyl needs to be reminded of his civic duties and the oath he took when entering the office. All of you voters need to grow a pair and start voting your conscience instead of following the heard placing assholes like George W. Bush in office. Let's take America back and put it on the right track again. Let's once again become the country everyone admires and wants to follow in its examples. Let's get these jerks out of office and consider new blood with an open mind and a heart that seeks the truth and not just what we want to hear. Let's begin by telling John Kyl and assholes like him that we won't tolerate their arrogance and greed any longer.
All these Senators are Republicans and are against the unemployment extensions and have voted against the Cloture Vote to help us Americans in this Great Depression ! Vitter - La. Sessions - Al. Inhofe - Ok. Hatch - Ut. Graham - Sc. Enzi -Wy. Corhyn - Tx. Coburn - Ok. Bunning -Ken. Bond -Mo. Barrasso -Wy. Johanns -Ne. DeMint -Sc. Very Wealthy and could care if we live or slowly starve us to death.
What a slug ! His family sure not suffering !
I think we need to go back to an older time,when politicians were tarred and feathered for their arrogance and stupidity!!!! This arrogant prick is screwing over thousands of americans with political nonsense!! lets all get together and find this bastard and give him something to keep him warm and remind him that ALL americans are tired of these moronic shenanigans!! I find it ironic that the American people are suffering because of politicians to start with,they're the ones who have our country in this hole to start with!!! NAFTA my ass!!!!!
I hope you know MR. KYL that you are the most hated man in America at this time. I hope you enjoyed your career because you just ended it. You have no future in this game (politics). How does it feel to tank your whole career with one decision. Mr.Kyl you better make this right by America NOW. And hope that America forgets about what you done before your next election run otherwise you should pack your bags now because it is over for you and rightly so. How could you ever say that you represent Americans when you could give a shit less about what happens to them. You must have been living in the lap of luxury so long that you forgot what the real world is like, I hope you get a fast lesson in reality when you are out of a job because of these actions. I hope you lose everything you worked your whole life for and end up homeless because that is what is going to happen to my family if we do not get an extention NOW, my house payment is due in 2 days and I have been out of benefits for over 2 months, I can not make the payment again and I was already behind since when I got laid off unemployment was only about half of what I usually made, I have worked full time since I was 16 and have never been on welfare and the 1 time I need help, all I get is a kick in the face when I am already down. I don't think that this KYL belives in God, for if he did he would not be able to live with the EVIL deeds he has commited against his brothers. If he does believe in God then I hope he knows that he will have to face his punishment when the time comes.
Hell, the health bill is going to pass before this new extentsion. By then my family and I will be homeless so what stinkin difference does it make if we have health insurance. They will be paying for us to get treated for starvation. I am sure that this A****** will not be worring about how he is going to feed his family tonight, or rather yet if he will make it to the church food pantry to get his hand outs on time. Hell no this big fat cat will be siting in his big expensive house with plenty of food and heat with out a worry on his mind. All this while he leaves the HARD WORKING AMERICAN people out in the cold to starve and die after losing homes to forclosure. I have a college educaion and have held a full time job for over 20 years and I have never asked for help from governmet programs or unemployment. I have never needed to till now, so after all that hard work and being a good American, paying my taxes and helping in my community this is what I get...SCREWED by some stupid jackass because of his greed. He is doing this to serve his own agenda.....He needs to be unemployed and we Americans should do every thing in our power to make it so. We have the power to ensure that he is NEVER in a position to represent anyone ever again....Let's do it
The Pres shouls step up and just approve this PERIOD
You see my friend, the "pres" cant just step up and approve it......... you might need to bone up on your 4th grade sodial studies classes.............. a bill is written in, and passed by the house..........sent to the senate for approval, and THEN, and only THEN, it is sent to the President for his signature so it can become law................ unless of course you'd rather live in a dictatorship.
Burn in hell Jon Kyl and I hope somebody wipes that smirk off your face you dirtbag .
Mr. Kyl, go fuck yourself you selfish, inconsiderate asshole. You are the reason that Americans are going hungry, are homeless, and living day by day. I was told my benefits would run out in 2 weeks and judging from this marathon, I will most likely lose my benefits before this bill gets passed thru. Maybe Jon Kyl can explain to my kids why there isn't much to eat and why we are homeless due to losing our home, and why Mommy and Daddy can't buy them the clothes they need for winter. Does he not understand that not only are good people suffering but the crime rate will raise dramically? Before now, I would consider criminal behavior unexcusable but now I can understand. People have to do what they need to do to survive and take care of the little ones the best way possible, whether it is right or wrong. I know that if I get in a pinch and my kids are going hungry, I will do anything to make sure they are taken care of! I am tired of bitching about this poor excuse of an american called Jon Kyl. I just hope that one day he can experience what the unemployed are experiencing right now so he can see that his decision to play games with the lives of so many americans was detramental to our everyday lives. Hope you have a shitty day asshole! May you rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arizona should be ashamed of this man they should do every thing they can to make sure this scum bag pays for hurting struggling Americans, of course what does he care as he sits around his big stupid house in his fancy suits throwing parties like every thing is right in the world. He MUST PAY for what he is doing to us. KI can not wait to see him ran out of that job. I hope he gets drummed out of politics all together and never works again. I hope he loses every thing he own then he can feel what most Americans are experiencing right now. I hope he ends up living under a bridge or on the street some where, after all because of his delays and stahling that is what his actions are causing for others. My family and myself are about 2 weeks away from living on the streets. I search for work EVERYDAY, I have a college education and still can not find work. Even with a college degree I was told by Mcdonalds that they could not hire me because I was over qualified, What am I to do? All I know is this Bastard will eventually feel the WRATH of America because of his actions, and it could not come soon enough for me. I do not see how he lives with himslef or sleeps at night. I agree with the other comment he is going to HEll for this and I for one am pleased about it.
I can not believe that this dirt bag would block an extention that is so clearly needed to help Americans keep thier homes and feed the children. Does he not see that what he is doing is not only hurting the American citizens (who helped elect him and pay his salary) but he is also damageing the economy. Ever time a person can not pay the bills or purchase items from the grocery the economy of that community takes a hit. Not only are forclosure rate going up in my community but so are the number of people applying for food stamps and welfare. Is he so stupid that he can not see what he is doing to his fellow Americans, if they would just grant the extention then people could feed the children and pay the bills and they would not be asking for help from other programs such as welfare. Of course he does not worry about having food for his children or making the bills as Mr. Kyl sits around in his 5,000 dollars suits in his big ole house in some rich fancy addition somewhere, I am positive that he is not like the rest of us, worrying about how it is your going to survive or if you even will. I have been out of benefits for over 2 months now and everyday that this a**hole stahls is a day closer to living on the streets for me and my family, but of course he sits back in his big house, eating steak or what ever he wants, paying his bills on time while those he is suppose to represent sit starving and freezing. I hope he has some good answers or reasons for doing this because when the day comes to meet his maker (GOD) he may just end up burning if the reasons are not good enough and to tell you the truth I think he deserves to burn in hell for his actions against his fellow Americans. P.S. He is up for re-election next year so I am sure he will not be in that job much longer and I will feel pretty good about him being unemployed. IF an American votes this S.O.B back in next year then they will just be proving how UNAMERICAN they are, he must pay for his betrayal, no re-election for him, no job for him, no future for him...
John Kyl I hope you lose your job and cannot collect unemployment. There needs to be no amendments to thius bill except for maybe NO TAX on unemployment. Us taxpayers pay your salary and we demand your resignation. You doi not represent the people you represent yourself only. I hope you have a hard timer finding a job after you get kicked out of office.
Seantor Kyl, I am now homeless and living in my car. Winter is coming. I cannot live in a shelter because I will not give up my precious dog. Due to a medical condition I am unable to eat the food given out by shelters (unlike you I have no health insurance). My unemployment ran out Labor Day. So now I have no savings, no home, no food, no medication, and after saving the lives of 4 children I am unable to find a job. I have 3 college degrees. So we will never know what more I could have done. I cannot go on interviews while living in my car. One winter morning they will probably find me frozen to death and malnourished in my car. When that happens, and you read about it in the newspaper, I hope you remember this letter and that YOU could have prevented my death and helped the lives of millions of other people but you refused to look past your own, imagined, wants and needs. You are a complete embarrassment to The United States Senate, to The United States and most importantly to the Citizens of this country who pay YOUR salary and YOUR health care, and meet YOUR needs, and for whom YOU work!
Thanks alot Kyle,you ignorant asshole! Do you even have the slightest clue about the plight of the unemployed who are depending on congress for a hand while we IMpatiently wait for you to do something. My benefits ran out 4 weeks agq (around the house passed the bill. So what the hell are you doing in the Senate? Health Care!!! ) That mess wouldn't even go into effect until2013! Myself, I am now homeless and living in arescue mission (which I thank God for) You think I'm pissed now? If I had a family to support I couldn't hold myself accountable for my actions . One thing I can do in the future though is to NEVER vote republican again. In my eyes you , Kyl, are the face of the republican party! Once again THANKS ALOT!
John Kyl is a selfish, arrogant asshole who obviously doen't give two shits about the average american. If stopping the bill due to a small increase in insurance is more important, then he is in the wrong line of work. The increase will happen whether or not he wins the fight. The insurance company will find a different way to make their money. Get off of your "soap-box" Mr.Kyl and do what is right for the american people. Families relie so much on these benefits during this hard time that until there are jobs available, we need the unemployment extension to feed our kids, coth them, and keep a roof over their heads - THE BARE NECESSITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to the petition site and signed the petition. However the email address given for Senator Kyl is incorrect. If someone would please post the correct email address for Senator Kyl WE SHOULD ALL EMAIL HIM OUR PERSONAL STORIES. When a story becomes personal it is much more difficult for a person to turn down a request. I tried to find Senator Kyl's email address but all I could find were his phone numbers. I already left two messages for him at his Washington, D.C. office. We need to stick together. Please sign the petition and contact Senator Kyl and tell him your story. Tell him what the unemployment extension would do for you and what NOT having it is doing to your life. I have severe food allergies. I cannot eat the food given out in shelters or food banks due to their high starch content. As of next week I will be living in my car. Yesterday I had two bottles of water and a 2 inch square piece of cheese. I have already lost weight I cannot afford to lose. It seems that living in my car in the winter with no health care and little, if any, food, is my reality. This means I will eventually starve to death if this unemployment extension is not passed THIS WEEK!!! I have gone through my savings since my unemployment ran ot last month. This is a position I never thought I would find myself in. I NEED THIS UNEMPLOYMENT EXTENSION TO JUST SURVIVE. I appreciate the help of all of you out there in similar positions to mine. WE MUST STICK TOGETHER IN THIS AND HELP EACH OTHER TO FORCE THE PASSAGE OF THIS EXTENSION!!
Unemployed workers must do their part to get the Unemployment extension passed . Sign the online petition today. There are already over 1500 signatures. The more the better if we want to be heard. Be sure to pass this link along to everyone that you know. Sign the Petition now!
I left a message on Senator Kyl's Washington, D.C. phone today. I was very polite and I told him that I am two weeks from sleeping in my car. I hope that when he sits down to his next meal he thinks about the people he is preventing from eating everyday. I also hope that when he goes to sleep in his own bed he thinks of those who will soon have nowhere to sleep all because of him. I also FAXed a letter to him. I think we should ALL contact him until he realizes the pure numbers of us who desperately need that unemployment extension just to live. Here are contact numbers for Senator Jon Kyl : Washington, D. C. phone: 202-224-4521 FAX: 202-224-2207 Phoenix: phone: 602-840-1891 FAX: 602-957-6838 Tucson: phone: 520-575-8633 FAX: 520-797-3232
Though Kyl himself is not up for re-election for another couple of years, his state colleague in the Senate, John McCain, will be next year. There are signs that Kyl's actions in his party could ultimately harm Senator McCain. This latest move can't exactly help. I LIVE IN ARIZONA AND AM SAD TO SAY THIS CLOWN IS OUR REP.............WE WILL VOTE MCCAIN OUT NEXT YEAR........THEN KYL NEXT ELECTION..........HOW MANY HOUSES DO YOU OWN MCCAIN??????????????????
The only thing that is holding H.R. 3548 up is the Minority Republican Leadership. Make no mistake... as soon as they lift their objections the bill will pass. Call Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell and ask him to lift republican objections today. No matter if you're a democrat, a republican, or an independent, let him know why this bill is important for you to be able to survive until you find work. Call and ask him to lift the republican objections now. Senator Mitch McConnell’s DC office: 202-224-2541 Senator Kyl’s DC office: 202-224-4521
Please take a moment and e-mail Sentator Kyl and express how you feel about his decision, let him know why you agree or disagree, what you have been through.... Please, this is how we can make a change.
I have read many of the comments on this page and I agree with them all. I have been out of work for a year and a half and have looked for work everyday. I sent out 3 to 5 resumes a week and have had some interviews. I am told like one person who posted here that I am over qualified or they have decided to fill the Position in house. I know that we are no longer in a recession but unemployment still rising. I would like to know where all these so called jobs that were suppose to come out of the Stimulus that the Obama Man passed. I am out of my unemployment benefits as of today. I do have some money saved but that will not last for long. I wish that President Obama would really put the screws to Congress and get this bill passed. I also feel that until this extension gets passed that no one in Congress gets a pay check and is cut off from all of their perks. I am sure once that happens then people like John Kyl will hurry and pass the bill. If this bill doesnot pass I feel things will get ten times worse. I also feel that instead of putting so much effort into this Health Care reform bill we should be passing the unemployment extension.
I have 3 college degrees and I cannot get a job. I have been told I am overqualified for every job for which I have had an interivew. I have taken to not bringing a resume with me. I am willing to take any job that will have me. However I was told that I will get bored and leave because I am too intelligent for the job for which I applied. I am sure that Senator Kyl is not worried about living in his car this winter. I am sure that Senator Kyl has health care. I was told that if I give my dog away I can live in a shelter. I will live in my car with my dog before I will ever give him away. He is all I have in the world to love. It is politics that put this country into this desperate position and it is Senator Kyl's political thinking that is prolonging the agony and fear of those of us whose unemployment benefits have already run out. I know that Senator Kyl has enough to eat and a warm bed in a warm house in which to sleep. Shame on you Senator Kyl. Senator Kyl can, and should, be replaced. He is the compete anathema of what a Senator of the United States is supposed to be and supposed to do for the people of this country. I know I will not be voting for him, nor any of his party, because of what he is doing right now to those of us unemployed through no fault of our own. How do you sleep at night Senator Kyl? Oh, that's right, you are a politician. You sleep just fine because you only care about the things that matter to you. What if every unemployed person in this country was given a tax free lump sum of money with which to get back on their feet. Then each one could get their mortgage under control, pay off credit cards, and buy food until they found a job. If each unemployed person was given approximately $85,000.00 all at once the economy would recover more quickly. Spending down at the bottom consumer level would pick up more quickly and thus rise up to the upper echelons. AND this would cost less than all of the bailouts of all of the banks and other institutions. Again - SHAME on you Senator Kyl and to the rest of the Senate for letting Senator Kyl get away with this ploy to drag out the panic and fear of the unemployed!!! I am sure that Senator Kly's party could get him to pass the extension if they wanted to. In the meantime I hope that when you sit down to your next meal you remember there are those of us who are unemployed and without unemployment benefits so we cannot eat every day. We also cannot afford medication when we need it. Once again - SHAME ON YOU SENATOR KYL!
Usually these unemployment benefit extentions are just a formality and fly thru Congress. But I feel that the Republicans just don't want to stimulate the economy by passing this so it will hurt the recovery and make Obama look bad. I've been unemployed for nine months and have been looking for work every day but am being told I'm over-qualified or some other reason which I suspect is that I'm not under 50. Luckily I'm better off than some here since my benefits won't run out until Thanksgiving. Hopefully, the Republican roadblock can be broken soon. I thought the Democrats had a super majority and this kind of stalling couldn't happen? John Kyl is a self-serving a-hole and should be ashamed. He would be voting for the extention if he were up for re-election in 2010!
I am a mother of five kids. I have been unable to find work for a year now. I have applied all over for anything with no luck. I used all of my savings, my benefits ran out 3 weeks ago and now have one more week left till we will go to a shelter because of this delay. Jon Kyle needs to think of the everyday people trying to survive in these hard times. All you are doing is causing more problems in the long run. More homeless, more stealing and crime. Pass the extension now before it is too late for many deserving people.
Jon Kyl should step down in office, he is either ignorant or so removed from the perils of Arizona suffering people. Our state pays a very low unemployment max of $240. no matter what you made in salary. I think the President should do something about this senator, for kyl to hold up help for the people just enforces the thought of him being kicked out of office.
This guy Kyl is lower than a slug. He will be judged by what he did for the least of his brethren. I hope God gives him what he deserves at his day of judgement. My Husband has been unemployed for 2 years with no prospects for employment anytime soon. We have applied for food stamps, fuel assistance and have been hitting the food pantries. Is this any way for a Human Being to live? I think not. Especially former hard working Americans who have been slaving for the survival of this country for over 30 years. The thanks we get. I say come election time, Mr. Kyl should be ousted along with other heartless polititions that don't deserve a place in our, WE THE PEOPLE"S government.
I can relate to your husband situation being unemployed for 2 years. I've applied everywhere and on every job website imaginable but no luck. Either I'm over qualified or the company is on a hiring freeze. It gets so drepressing at times that I would cry myself to sleep. I woud think that having a college education and a background in finance would land me something but as everyday goes by my sense of hope dwindles little by little. No one wants to be in the situation that we are in but given the economical circumstances we should get the extension. We are not asking for a handout but we are taxpaying citizens that have contributed to our country. How is that we can help other countries with their crisis but we cannot help the people that are here in the United States? We are going to get more crimes and people out on the streets if we don't do something soon. To see the things we worked for be taken away in the blink of an eye is heartbreaking. I'm running out of my savings and I don't know if I can make it through the end of the year if this extension does not pass.
I'm a republican and I bet I wouldn't after today because of their stupidity. I've I lose very thing so will they, my vote counts but not for those idiots. Anyone who lives in that stae should knocking down the doors. And Senator McCain don't even consder running for any office again. Senator Kyl might as well pack his bags. I think I enough gas to get to washington and maybe I can stay with senator Kyl for the winter and he can help look for job.
thanks to you jon kyl i may lose everything because of youre choice all you care about are the upper class people that line youre pockets with money.i hope when election time comes the average working class people in Arizona will remember this and get you out of the senate.I WISH I COULD TELL YOU HOW I REALLY FEEL BUT I CANT SAY THOSE WORDS ONLINE
How arrogant you are to play with the lives of unemployed voters! The comment you made about maternity benefits only show that you are nothing but a self centered SOB who doesn't care about the people of course unless it benefits you!!!! I do have a few choice words for you ....... but I will not belittle myself over a slug like you.
Add 13 more weeks so we get 26 weeks. The unemployment is not going to chance for another year. This way you don't have to send time passing another extension.
What a selfish thoughtless creep! My benefits have been out for 3 weeks and thanks to him who know when or if they will be extended? He doesn't care about those of us barely making it and now maybe not at all. I have tried and tried to find a job but it is very hard as others well know. It is people like this who drive home in their mercedes, go out on their boat for a while, then go to the country club. Walk a mile in our shoes I say!!!!!
What a slug!!! Like many a year has passed and no luck with a job. This creep is just another grease spot on the otherwise good efforts of our Congress!! Give em hell Harry!!
Republicans are out of work, this extenshion will help many people get through this hard time, both parties. I myself am unemployed Republican, have ZERO left on my much needed unemployment compensation (that I have paid into all my working life) have been looking for work for close to a year now. No luck so far. Now thanks to Jon Kyle, my family will not have money to heat our home, and we may not make our morgage payments, this is no joke.! Jon Kyle, please vote yes, for this unemployment extenshion.
This past spring my husband was laid off for the 2nd time in 2 years, As a result he was not eligible for the full benefit the 2nd time around. His benefits run out this week. It will be difficult, but fortunately I am still employed. Mr. Kyl is clearly not an empathetic person. There are a great deal of people hurting out there in addition to us. We personally know a large number of people who have been looking for work for some time. Our govenment can bail out the banks and the car industry, but seem to have a problem helping people keep their homes warm and food in their stomaches. Further, if we ARE on the brink of a recovery, most of this money WILL go back into the economy. It's a win-win to help each on the on the road to recovery. WE NEED THIS NOW! (By the way, employers pay into the employment insurance fund and these days the federal government, we do not direclly pay into the fund as individuals or employees.)
Thank You Kyle..........You are a typical republican, you only care about the rich and their tax breaks not about the millions of Americans that just want a decent job. I hope your state gives you the boot come election time. How can you do this to 10% of Americans that are struggling and just trying to keep their head above water ? You idiots in congress have no idea!!!!!
He's not in Congress, he's in the Senate. Learn something more than whining. For all you other whiners.. How about you writing letters (emails) to your Senators, including Jon Kyl.. Google, "State Senators" Actually, Google, your state then the word Senator. Find yours, then find email, and category would either be, Labor or Economy. Put your whining to use in writing them a quick note! I've done this with Boxer, and Feinstein, as well as, Pelosi, Reid, Kyl, and the President! People, get with it.. and start emailing! It couldn't be easier to voice your frustration via email to any oposing member, or those that can push through the passage of any legislation! Know this, that Congress already ok'd the passage.. The legislation then moves to the Senate for final approval or denial.. You need to speak up with your Senators, as well as those you think can either sway or upset the vote!
The U.S. Congress encompasses BOTH chambers... the House of Representatives AND the Senate. Know this... Congress has not passed an extension, only the House of Reps has. Furthermore, the Senate does NOT have the final say... If and when the Senate passes its own version, which in this case will differ significantly from the bill passed by the House of Reps, the final bill is decided on by a conference committee composed of members from EACH of the two chambers. The bill they come up with is then voted on by EACH chamber. If and when the final bill is passed, it is sent to the President to either sign or veto. So, yes, the people in need should be contacting their representatives in both chambers, and people like you should get an education before you seek to educate....