Treacherous Midterm for Democrats Says The Hill

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The Hill.com is not optimistic in regard to Democrats holding onto their majority seats after this November’s midterm elections and this does not bode well for online poker supporters who are counting on the Democratic Chairman of the House Financial Committee Barney Frank to come through for them with legislation designed to license Web card rooms in the States. 

Ironically it is the online oddsmakers who are predicting the sweep by Republicans. 

Paddy Power, Ireland’s largest online bookmaker, has22 races that favor Republicans, while only 11 races carry odds favoring Democrats.

The Hill.com points out that only tree of the races whose odds favor Democrats are races not being fought by incumbents, whereas 13 of the races favoring Republicans are with non-incumbent candidates.

And it is Rep. Kendrick Meek of Florida, that state’s Democratic Senate candidate, who has the poorest odds.

Paddy Power would pay out $4000 for every $100 bet if he were to actually win.

Independent candidate and current Florida Governor Charlie Christ has 9/2 odds while Republican nominee Marco Rubio was the favorite with 1/8 odds.  You would need to bet $100 to win $12 on a Rubio win. 

Nevada’s Senate race is another tight one with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, getting only 8/11 odds while Sharron Angle was at even odds. 

Another hotly contested race, and one of the more controversial, has Delaware’s Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons with 1/20 odds while Republican challenger Christine O’Donnell was at 7/1.  O’Donnell has come under fire for her admission that she dabbled in witchcraft and enjoyed a picnic date on a Satanic altar. 

There is one catch to placing these bets at Paddy Power.  They don’t accept bets from those living in the United States.

Payton O’Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor 

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