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The National Enquirer Prepares to Print Story That Sarah Palin Had Affair

Sarah Palin
Sep 4 2008 (All day)

The National Enquirer was preparing to publish a story that Republican John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, had an affair with her husband's business partner. And John McCain is threatening a law suit.

The Enquirer has gained prominence recently after it published a story that one time Presidential candidate John Edwards was having an extra marital affair. That story proved to be true.

In a statement to the Huffington Post, a spokesman for the paper, who promised a larger report next week, tapped into that pool of quasi-respect.

"The National Enquirer's coverage of a vicious war within Sarah Palin's extended family includes several newsworthy revelations, including the resulting incredible charge of an affair plus details of family strife when the Governor's daughter revealed her pregnancy. Following our John Edwards' exclusives, our political reporting has obviously proven to be more detail-oriented than the McCain campaign's vetting process. Despite the McCain camp's attempts to control press coverage they find unfavorable, The Enquirer will continue to pursue news on both sides of the political spectrum."

Palin has been at the center of a media firestorm. She allegedly tried to have her ex-brother-in-law fired through an "abuse of power", something Palin flatly denies. She dropped a bombshell Monday, confirming that her unwed 17 year old daughter is pregnant. The father - another 17 year old who attended the convention - wrote on his MySpace page that he is a "f**king redneck" who is not ready for kids yet.

But, which has been monitoring odds on the upcoming Presidential election, is witnessing the most intense scrutiny related to Palin's reported nine hour flight from Texas to Alaska when she was eight months pregnant. (I) have a question about Sarah Palin's last pregnancy. She has been praised for her courage when her water broke while making a speech in Texas. As I understand she continued the speech; took her scheduled flight back to Alaska (8 hours) and delivered the baby about an hour later. My daughter in-law had a baby in February (9 weeks early) when her water broke she could not control the flow (nor can anyone else). We rushed her to the hospital (20 minutes seemed to take forever). The biggest concern was infection. I feel she was being irresponsible by taking a chance that things would turn out fine. I had three children and with each child the baby came quicker. Something seems wrong and I'd like to know if you are having the same concerns about Sarah Palin's judgment?

Oddsmakers overseas have given Palin 8/1 odds of dropping off the ticket while has made McCain a +160 underdog to become the next US President.  



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i'm just waiting for the inevitable nude pics to come out.
my friend who says "come on..." 1.sarah palin has asked for the largest ear-mark/pork in US history when she became governor, over 700 million. as a matter-o-fact. john mccain is on record as saying her request is irresponsible. 2. she was mayor of a town that hired the lobbiest firm where ted stephens son works to get 29Million in pork barrel funding. even after getting funding, she oddly left the town 29 million in debt, which costs each household in wasilla 3k. 3. when she entered office, wasilla had 9 meth labs, when she left they had 42. 4. the jet she solid on e-bay, actually didn't sell. it now belongs to a group that flies rich business men to alaska to hunt for wild game. 5. she was before the "bridge to no-where" before it became politically damaging and changed her mind. 6. she lobbied to have a librarian fired for not censoring books in the town of wasilla. 7. her husband was part of an independent party that wanted alaska to secede from the US because "country first' was not their value. she recently spoke at one of their meetings. 8. she has been quoted as saying that she believes the end-of-days are hear. do we want this person so close to the nuclear button??? 9. the pipeline she is talking not built, it's not even in production. it's still under debate and the alaska legislature does not want the pipe-line to go through canada. she does. also, she wants the natural gas that comes through that pipeline to be sold on the open market, not specific to the US market. 10. shall we get into trooper-gate...son forced into military service or jail, pregnant teen daughter, affair with husbands partner in a car wash...? She is a FRAUD! i do not want sarah palin as my VP
I am neither a Demo or Republican. I just care for the truth. Keep up your spirit!
It s funny watching everyone try and prove their point. I say we forget all the issues, and do away with all the political B.S. You just need to ask our enemies who would they want for President, and vote the opposite. Wake up America! Everyone that wants all these socailist programs drive accross the border to Canada. Why is it that intelligent people cant understand taxing the bussiness owners more is going to help the situation is beyond reason. They are going to make it up somewhere and guess who will pay for it?? Average American. 90% of our problem today is not the presidency but the democratic congress we have.
haha typical republican scare tactic, call any sort of government regulation "socialist". wake up and look at the last 20 years. reagan followed by george hw bush - recession, crime and drug use reaches record high. bill clinton - americas gdp went through the roof, the most economically prosperous time in american history. george w bush - yet another recession, dow below 10000, use 9/11 as an excuse to go to war for oil. it really is time to wake up.
I do not want this woman as my VP
I think that when Sarah found out that her baby was downs, she wanted to get rid of the child, however she could not because that would go against her belief. thus long 8 hour flight would help in getting rid of the child, but the attempt failed.
My opinion would be the same as yours.
took the words right out of my mouth
Sarah Palin is a real American!! It was her duty to give that speech and she put her country before her family. I admire that. Who cares if she flew back home while in labor. She is not some sniveling Democrat, but a tough woman packing heat. It's about time we had a real American in office. If she received that 3 AM phone call, she will put that baby aside and she will be there for America. GOD is leading her and she will win! It's time for GOD to lead America again and not some Muslim candidate! God Bless America and God Bless Sarah Palin!!
I have lived around the world and have never witnessed such backward, ignorant, close-minded religious extremism as I have seen here in the U.S. (not that far from the policies leading the middle east). "GOD is leading (Sarah Palin)". Are you fucking kidding me? If there is a GOD, GOD would not be just for Americans or for Muslims. GOD would not be for war, killing, or reason to elect any crazy, hick to be leader of the free world..a woman whose international experience is looking across Alaska to see Russia. As an American, I am so ashamed of how backward and ignorant our country has become. First to allow for the idiot Bush to send our troops to take revenge on his father's war and lied about it, cut off ties with long time allies, and send us into a recession that we cannot get out of, not to mention killing GOD's world by ignoring environmental actions that all of the industrialized nations have signed on. It's ignorant religious extremists like you who is too cocky to step foot outside of your front door to realize the diversity in the world and that only backward, crazy fanatics still believe that we are on GOD's mission. GOD DO NOT WANT WAR! GOD TO NOT WANT US TO KILL THE EARTH THAT WE LIVE ON! I am an independent but I am smart enough to know that BARRACK IS NOT A MUSLIM. Please learn to read before you vote!
I agree that one should have to pass some kind of literacy, or IQ test, before one can vote in any governmental election.
You idiot, Obama is a Christian, and I do NOT want this woman anywhere near the WH. Her hometown Wasilla is known as the Meth and Marijuana Capital of Alaska. How do you think that will play in the Heartland? If she's such a reformer and lilly white why did she not clean up the meth traffic in this town she claims to love. Why can't she face the media like a real American. What is she hiding? You just keep her under wraps because I have righties in my family that have never voted democrat in their lives until now and they want to know what this woman actually brings to the ticket. Even they admit McCain made a huge mistake with this woman. You can try that tired sh*t out on your hard core evangelical base, but the Meth Capital of Alaska, come on, McCain screwed up with this pick Big Time admit it and move on.
I dont know if he is a christian or not. You are the idiot if you really think you know. I think he will say what ever to get what he wants. He is way to political for me....Present 160 times. I want a leader with service record, and not a senator that waffles. Again who would our enemies want for President and vote the opposite.
You must not watch TV or read newspapers to learn about the whole scandal with his CHRISTIAN PREACHER, but that's beside the point. Since when is it a sin for people to be anything but Christian in this world. Why do all people have to believe in Christianity? What about Jews? Buddhists? Are they also evil because they do not practice Christianity? What about freedom of religion? Many people around the world are Muslims, but only are small populations are Extremists who carried out terrorism. What about the Oklahoma City Bombers? Where they Muslim? Being Muslim or Being a Terrorists are two different things. If you do more research and reading, you will learn that the world and political motivations internationally are not so black and white. The sun does not revolve around the US and our single-minded views. We've also fucked up the world quite badly with our international policies. For one, invading IRAQ and try to link it to Osama Bin Laden and 911. I would be pissed off too if people bombed my backyard for no reason!
I appreciate your honesty and knowledge on the issue. People often forget about separation of Church and State. Dollar green will be our main religion because we all have to work so hard to support our family. I don't give a "rat" about his/her religion as long he/she do their best to make this country better.
Wow, obviously Obama is a Christian. You think that just because he has and Arab name, he's automatically a Muslim? That's dumb as hell! He's been a Christian his whole life and the fact that people are trying to attack him for that is just plain immature because they know that he is a threat to the Republicans because he has exactly what our country needs to become better. Republicans need to get off their high horses and actually take care and love their country rather than trying to bring it down.
your a retard, if she promotes family over govt she would have done what anyone would haave done and that is get to a hospital. you shoould read the stories about young girls who cant afford abortions so they have the babies alone in some fed up places so that the baby will die so they will not have to keep it. thats what palin did
"I) have a question about Sarah Palin's last pregnancy. She has been praised for her courage when her water broke while making a speech in Texas. As I understand she continued the speech; took her scheduled flight back to Alaska (8 hours) and delivered the baby about an hour later. My daughter in-law had a baby in February (9 weeks early) when her water broke she could not control the flow (nor can anyone else). We rushed her to the hospital (20 minutes seemed to take forever). The biggest concern was infection. I feel she was being irresponsible by taking a chance that things would turn out fine. I had three children and with each child the baby came quicker. Something seems wrong and I'd like to know if you are having the same concerns about Sarah Palin's judgment?" Glad you asked. Actually, Palin had "False" labor pains from some time before the Dallas trip. Her OB/GYN was well aware of this and he had monitored Palin for many months before. In other words, he knew his patient and her physical situation very well. Palin started leaking amniotic fluid, which is NOT the same thing as having her "water break." She called her doc and told him she wanted to make the speech then fly home, was given the ok and then did it that way. According to medical folks around here, including my RN OB nurse and her Doc., Palin did the right thing by going home to her doctor instead of seeking local medical attention considering the circumstances. She did not naturally have the baby within an hour of arriving back home. Her doctor induced labor for whatever reason(s) not given. The baby was born one MONTH early as a result.
And how exactly did you obtain this medical information about Sarah Palin. If you don't have a reference then it's just hearsay.
It's amazing the double standard of the thug party. Why do they want to keep their heads in the sand about this woman. Why don't they want the VP of their party to be vetted. Certainly we know everything about Obama and then some and about Biden. What makes this person from nowhere be qualified to be VP. Any honest republican worth their salt wants the answer to that question. We deserve it and we don't want to be bullied by the thugs anymore. Keep donating to the Obama/Biden campaign.
Maybe a truck bomb or two by these magazines will solve this problem.I'm sure Edwards would chip in.
Truck bomb or two? Damn buddy, i hope in your case Homeland security is monitoring your internet activity and if you havent been arrested by now, you will soon. Despicable, vile excuse for what passes as a human.
So Guest - This is how you thugs respond to negatives about your candidate. Bomb the messenger? You people are despicable. I personally don't like tabloid journalism. But this is the same magazine that got the OJ Simpson story right and the John Edwards affair right so I would say they are doing pretty well in that category. They have never been sued successfully either so the McCain camp better beware. If she has nothing to hide then let the truth come out. Same with the Trooper Gate story.
Although I think I read that Carol Burnett did successfully sue the NE many years ago over a report that she was intoxicated on an airplane, the NE would probably not run huge political stories such as this one and the Edwards story without (1) photos, (2) reliable eye witnesses and/or people close enough to the subject of the story to have heard inside information, and (3) ESPECIALLY A POLYGRAPH of any such potential witnesses. Knowing a probable lawsuit would follow, and by a person(s) with very deep pockets who could fund legal bills of that magnitude, and knowing the potentially high punitive damages that could result if a jury believed that a lucrative, high-profile career was destroyed by falsehood, I believe the NE would be very, very careful. If it chooses to proceed in the face of any such threat (if that threat did indeed actually occur), it may just be that the NE is quite confident in its sources and its investigation. It also has the budget to fund a very thorough investigation, a higher budget than most law enforcement agencies and "mainstream" publications.
Has there been an over-under established on the number of Republican Electors that George Soros'death squads will take care of?
Im an independent and I'm now voting for McCain. i was leaning Obama. he is captivating, but Palin's genuineness shows how unreal Obama is. The Dems are gonna lose- they made 2 glaring mistakes.. 1) NOT putting Hillary on the top of the ticket and 2) NOT putting Hillary on the bottom of the ticket... tsk tsk... Poor Hillary Sarah Palin will be the first woman Prez after McCains term(s)...
Hey, I was leaning toward McCain earlier b/c I really liked him in early 2000, but he has shown poor judgement in Palin. C'mon, it's really underestimating the American people that pissed me off about the McCain/Palin ticket. She is totally unqualified. Just because she's a woman does not mean that as a woman, I would be compelled to vote for her. She is setting women back so far and her lies and vagueness does not allow for me to see any substance behind her as a person. Being a "pitbull" and a hockey mom makes you qualify to be Governor of Alaska, not as Vice-President and leader of the free world. I would have preferred if McCain had picked Condelesa Rice. She's smart, has tone of experience, is a woman, and a woman of color. He really blew it! And now we found out Palin also blew someone, too!
Hillary comes across as extremely abrasive so she wasn;t chosen..if you think that the people who planned to vote for Hillary will actually for vote for Palin, you are seriously deluded....
Sarah Palin is a real dynamo and deserves this spot. I think it is great that she is not afraid to comfront officials and challenge them. That's what this government needs is exposure, curbing of sensless spending, quit helping all these other countries by giving them millions of dollars and focus on our country's needs. I'm all for the McCain/Palin ticket and I don't really care about all the stupid things the media tries to dig up on her, her past is the past and she has a proven track record of change for the better.
Sarah stands for nothing Hilary did so by the case you are making to vote for McCain/Palin is that you have a Va Jay Jay and Sarah does too. Wow Elected by private parts.
you're a republican pretending to be an independent. you're only foolling yourself.
Well, I´ve got news for you. I am also an independent BUT alas, in this election I (and 5 of my other friends) am voting Democratic. We need change in Washington and enough of all these fear campaign Republicans are running. They did it in 2000 and again in 2004. We are sick and tired of their me, me, me, holier than thou, we represent America shit. Talking about the experience they are brandishing about. What has all the experiences and fear mongering of the 2000 and 2004 done for us? No! enough is enough. We´ve tried Republican for 8 years and it has brought us nothing but homes foreclosure, loss of jobs, loss of family values e.t.c. AND now, its just time for the Democrats. SORRY
We already have a democratic congress and since then I have had all the change I can stand! I have heard him talk about change but he picks a long time Washington regular like Biden??? You Dems. will believe anything. I dont want his kind of change. I admit things need to change in Washington, but starting first with the congress. I think its great we got some new blood that no one knows. Maybe we will get back to the way this country was founded. Independent!!!
WHO IS PERFECT? WHO DOES NOT HAVE A BIAS? In spite of the many affairs that Bill Clinton had, people elected him into office and kept him there. Hilary's records are very tinted, but her talents are still rewarded. If we try so hard to pick bones out of an egg, we will find broken egg shells. This nation needs a simple leader who dares to lead us to a life-giving society instead of a life-reduction or termination society.
I personally do not care about her personal life, but if you are not honest then you should be investigated. She is running for Vice President not "PTA Mom" and she was not vetted well. I want to know everything about her, just like they do with all future Presidents and Vice Presidents. Yes, I want to know about her pregnancy, something does not sound right. I am a mother and I know all the symptons.
Come on America, wake up! Will the American People once again be duped into believing that John McBush will truly bring about any real change for the majority of people who are or have lost their jobs, homes, healthcare, etc. If McCain is true to his word, why does he vote the majority (90%) of time with his mentor/twin Bush? Why does he proclaim his allegiance to all Veterans and yet he continues to deny them benefits and top notch medical help! He is an abomination to the true Vets in this world, and a massive joke to the republican party. He touted having good judgment and experience against Obama, and yet he goes blindly out and lickety split chooses a VP he has only met once and then selected her. Where is the good judgment in that case? He had a great pool to choose from and he chose some hillbilly frailer princess. I am a republican, but I am shocked and ashame of the fact that McCain was so insecure, over-whelmed with feelings of incompetence after witnessing the Democratic Convention, that he would dare throw the entire republican party and the nation under a freight train by selecting Palin with all the garbage she brings to the ticket?! McCain has s ** t for brains, or maybe since he was once a womanizer (adultuer) he was thinking with his other head (which probably hasn't risen in years). All I a former republican has to say is "BE AFRAID AMERICA" McCain is showing signs of dementia, alzheimer, and senility. AMERICA, we can't afford to vote "STUPID" as we did in 2000 and 2004. Look at what we allowed to happen with the Oxi-Morons who has led us to this pugatory of a world. America Please Don't follow McCain into oblivion by Voting him in to carry on with MCBUSH ECONOMICS & FAILURES AS USUAL. We can't give McBush four more years of being "STUPID". Let's get our country back to the way it was pre-McBush, and then we will once again reign supreme among the other countries! M. Carroll
My friend your the one that fails to realize and see the basic truth....Now that you realize your going to lose again you grasp at name calling, gender, age, and etc.
If that 'water broke' story is true, doesn't it seem similar to when George Bush sat blank-faced at the school when he was advised that the twin towers were hit and the US was under attack? C'mon people, I think imminent childbirth gives precedence over some speach. It's more of the same, just in a dress with lipstick.
If you see the article in print, you will see that it is not a sexual affair. It turns out to be a 2 pargarph arguing affair with her husband's x boss! What a joke with all these rags turning out zero and trying to discredit people. You would think that they would learn, but I guess did will continue since people are dumb enough to fall in their traps and help the media make profits!
McCain is bluffing in his threat to sue the National Enquirer. He has no legal grounds to file suit because he has no standing. He isn't the subject of the article nor the person allegedly being libeled. He knows this because I'm sure his lawyers have told him by now. If Sarah Palin hasn't filed a lawsuit by now, it may be because she doesn't want to open a huge can of worms. Here in Florida, where the lawsuit would be filed, she would have to sit for hours of depositions with the National Enquirer's attorneys who will be armed with reams of information gather by the best private investigators in the business. Mark my words, they won't touch this with a ten foot pole. They will continue to bitch and carp and deny but they won't act. Why? Because it's too risky and it just might be true. I suspect that the Enquirer has this information on pretty good authority to be taking on someone like a vice presidential candidate. If they're wrong and were to be successfully sued, it would break them. Their lawyers know that and, as a former newsman myself, I can guaran-damn-tee you that THIS story did get vetted by a team of legal staff before it ever saw print. Is it fair? Damn straight. Lady Godiva laid down the gauntlet and asked for it. Remember Sen. Gary Hart? This isn't a case of the so-called "drive-by liberal mainstream media" doing a hatchet job to help Obama. This is a hard boiled tabloid news organization that is usually spot on when it runs with big stories like this. They couldn't care less whose political party they're going after. It's typical of the Republicans to blame the media. If I were the party bosses, I'd be very nervous. Their maverick is about to be gelded and put out to pasture and their braying little filly is about to be crated up and shipped back to the Yukon where she belongs. Idiots.