Conroy Youth Reminiscent of Hitler Youth

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Alistair Prescott
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Australia's Communications Director Stephen Conroy is conveying his message of stymieing the press and censorship to the innocence of his nation - its vulnerable education system.

We say "vulnerable" since a number of schools are slated to participate in Conroy's so-called "Government's Youth Advisory Group on Cyber-safety."

Sounds harmless on the surface but Conroy is actively pursuing a controversial program of Internet censorship that includes blocking of dentist websites and legal online poker enterprises that operate out of Australia.

"I am delighted  to welcome the participation of an additional 17 schools in our second year of  the Youth Advisory Group on Cyber-safety," Senator Conroy said during a visit  to Ballarat Grammar.

"I was impressed  with the thoughtful advice the Youth Advisory Group - or YAG - members provided  last year on issues such as cyber-bullying, mobile phone safety, privacy,  social networking sites and online computer games.

"The Government's recent expansion of cyber-safety education,  awareness-raising and counselling services was informed by feedback and advice  provided by YAG members in 2009.

"In December I announced a package of measures to improve safety of the Internet for families, including an additional $16.6 million to  expand the cyber-safety outreach program run by the Australian Communications  and Media Authority and the  Cyber-Safety Online Helpline.

"The additional funding will reduce waiting times for  schools to participate in the outreach program, and increase the Cyber-safety  Online Helpline operating hours to ensure it is available when children are  most at risk."

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura had it right when he said:  "Whenever government says ‘to keep you safe' - get ready, because you are going to lose your freedoms."

Gambling911.com Special Contributor down under, Media Man Greg Tingle had this to offer:

"I would encourage youth and parents / guardians to discuss gaming and gambling, and the potential dangers, just as we encourage open dialog about the positives and negatives regarding censorship, human rights and freedom of the press. If gaming is to be discussed, we think that both games of skill and games of chance should be discussed and explained, as they are different animals, sometimes thrown into the one general category.  Education is a most important aspect of society (but one needs to be very mindful of who the teacher is... including knowing what real agenda they are pushing).

"I say that ‘Cyber-Safety' - filtering, censorship and media spin - no substitute for a good parent or guardian. For decades government and dictators have tried to push their agenda via eduction and / or youth. Does anyone remember The Hilter Youth!"

Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com


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