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Revolution Gaming Officially Almost 2nd Largest US-Facing Online Poker Network

Revolution Gaming Officially Almost 2nd Largest US-Facing Online Poker Network

It is expected to happen within the next 24 hours (by the end of June 5, 2012) that the Revolution Gaming Network will become the 2nd biggest in the US market. 

Heading into Tuesday, Revolution was a mere 60 real cash players average off from Bodog, which is currently the 2nd largest US-facing room.  Revolution’s average, however, is only derived from 5 full days since Lock Poker merged into what is now the rebranded Cake Network, which has more than doubled its customer base over the weekend. 

And speaking of Merge, Lock left that network on Thursday, resulting in a 37 percent primary loss in traffic for what was the largest US-facing online poker network.  Merge may still retain that title after the full seven days results though they are expected to be in very close competition for the number 9 spot with Revolution.

Merge is likely to have around a 200 to 250 average daily player cushion between it and Revolution for the next few weeks with the rebranded network probably overtaking for the number 11 spot by Thursday.   

The Revolution Gaming Network plans to become Mac-compatible across the board.  Currently, Lock Poker is offering a temporary Mac client to its customer base. 

What does Revolution have to offer?

*$1 million dollar rake chase

*36 percent rakeback

*200 percent online poker bonus for qualified new customers up to $2000

*Massive Lock Online Poker Series coming this fall

*Join Through The Gambling Industry Leader – Here

The Revolution Gaming Network does not currently accept customers from the state of Utah. 

- Aaron Goldstein,