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Full Tilt Poker Supports Poker Players And Its Chief Executive

Full Tilt Poker

Dublin Ireland (April 15, 2011)- Full Tilt Poker is saddened by today’s charges against its CEO Raymond Bitar and offers its full support to Mr. Bitar and Nelson Burtnick.

Online poker is a game of skill enjoyed by tens of millions of people in the United States and across the world. And, Full Tilt Poker remains as committed as ever to preserving the rights of those players to play the game they love online.

Mr. Bitar and Full Tilt Poker believe online poker is legal – a position also taken by some of the best legal minds in the United States. Full Tilt Poker is, and has always been committed to preserving the integrity of the game and abiding by the law.

“I am surprised and disappointed by the government’s decision to bring these charges. I look forward to Mr. Burtnick’s and my exoneration,” said Mr. Bitar.

Unfortunately, as a result of this action, Full Tilt Poker has decided that it must suspend “real money” play in the United States until this case is resolved. However, Full Tilt Poker will continue to provide peer-to-peer online poker services outside of the United States.

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MONEY LAUNDERING via online poker sites? SCREW THIS! It is easier to money-launder on eBay! How you say? Just list an item and have an associate purchase it for 100 times its true value = money laundered! I AM NOW WAITING FOR EBAY TO GO OFFLINE! So tell me, why did Canada follow the US so quickly on this one! ...And right before a Federal Election! Dave X (in BC)
I'd be saddened too if my revenue was cut by 70% overnight.You guys ALL had it made and you got greedy. How's that working out for you? Is there an end to the stupidity? Mike it made...fks up......brett farve....lets not go there.......Bernie Madoff? king of the greedy dumb asses. When you bribe a bank president ($20k) you have broke the law. How is that abiding by the law? And this greedy prick speaks of integrity? When in prison and bent over with your new botfriend behind you, you'll know how your customers felt about your "random" number generator LMAO BUH BYE
This country is getting more ridiculous everyday. This law says I can't sit in my boxers in my own home and play poker??? Who the fuck do they think they are??? I used to be proud to be an american... back before the Bushs and Obama. I never thought I’d see the day that the USA would start to resemble North Korea. The greedy bastards that are running this country need to be ***Content censored by the F.B.I*** or removed from office. Abe Lincoln once said “…this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” Abe’s words ring as true today as they did 150 years ago. It’s time again for a government of the people, by the people, for the people. I hope I live long enough to see the second American Revolution. Thank you Mr. Bitar, and thank you Mr. Burtnick, for standing up to our dictators in Washington as long as you did. I commend you both.
That's lovely. But... What about the Players & their Deposits? I am in Canada and I can NOT access Full Tilt as of Sat April 16 '11. The FT software asks for the usual "Update" than craps out. At least Stars does the Update and I can still log into Stars & Play as a Non-US Player!!!
I logged in today and was wondering how some US players are still able to play?
hmmm what about bank fraud and money laundering bribing a bank offical? all legal huh
i just want to cash out my money on full tilt how do i do that
Bank fraud and money laundering are not legal. If you actually had a clue about how this has developed over the last few years, you'd realize that the only way the sites could operate in the US is by risking the charges they face today. The government made it so that the only way these sites could operate freely in the US is by laundering money and committing bank fraud. Sounds pretty stupid doesn't it? But that's exactly how it is. If anything, what has happened should push lawmakers to get to the table and settle this once and for all. Either make online poker illegal or legalize it. But enough of it being an unregulated industry, enough of this damn cat-and-mouse game.