Aced.com Online Poker Room Can’t Pay Players

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C Costigan
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Aced.com Online Poker

Online poker players appear to be in the line of fire of a highly publicized payment dispute between money processing platform PIC Club Poker and the Merge Poker Network.

Gambling911.com has obtained an email correspondence between one of Merge Poker's online sites whereby a customer is told flat out they cannot pay him.  The online poker room in question is Aced.com, which operates on the Merge network.

PIC Club Poker says that Merge has failed to pay them over $100K in fees, later brought down to a "settlement" amount that Merge later backed out of.  Merge, on the other hand, blames PIC Club Poker for sending a so-called "Whale" (professional poker player) into its various rooms to deposit and withdrawal large sums of monies, thus amounting in excessive fees owed to PIC Club (PIC Club receives a percentage on each deposit and withdrawal).  The player in question also admits that his wife charged back his credit card.

For the record, when the US Attorney's Office out of the Southern District of New York seized some $50 million in funds going to players of both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, those two online poker rooms still found a way to pay.  Perhaps Aced.com should pay its customers and deal with what they claim PIC Club owes them in an arena (such as a court of law) where poker players are NOT AFFECTED, regardless of who is right or wrong in this matter.  It's a novel concept.  The online sportsbooks and casinos have been burned over the years by rogue payment processors to the tune of millions of dollars.  Rarely were customers affected as a result. 

Here is an email exchange between Aced.com and one of its customers. 



From: Aced Support

To: XXXXXXX@live.com

Subject: RE: RE:   (LTK6150744719X)

Sent: Nov 8, 2009 11:58 PM

Reference number: LTK6150744719X Please use this ticket number in any

correspondence with us. Subject: RE:  


As I stated in my last email to you, we do not hold your funds. If we held

your funds, they would appear in your poker account balance or in the

pending transactions in the poker client. The transaction is approved and

processed on our end and the funds have been sent to PIC Club.


The fact is that all outstanding funds have been sent to PIC Club and our

business relationship with them is over. I do not know why they are telling

you otherwise.


I am sorry if you are having trouble getting your funds back from PIC

Club but they are in no way held by Aced or the Merge Gaming Network.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.





CS Manager James Customer Support Representative

---------------Original Message---------------

From: h l < > Subject:

RE: (LTK6150744719X) Here's a following chat from pic club and I. It sounds

like you guys are ripping me off. Please read the following chat below. I

want my money back and I'll have pic club to delete the transfers. I want

the money sent to my Usemywallet account.   Ty   [HHHHHHH] Ok I talked to

Aced.com today and they sent me a reply right away saying that there's

nothing they can do for me and that the hav successfully processed my

withdrawl and you guys have the money[Giovani] I can help you with that, but

first for security purposes may I please have your full name, date of birth

and address with zip code that you used on your registration.[XXXXXXX]


michigan 49684[Giovani] Allow me a minute let me check on that for

you[Giovani] On our end the funds seems pending to be credited from merge,

we haven't receive the approval from merge management and the funds are

still on your Aced account[XXXXXXX] that's not what they just told

me[XXXXXX] they said the funds are no longer with Aced[XXXXXX] and

that u guys have it[XXXXXX] period

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


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