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The gambling industry has evolved through various changes since its introduction several decades ago. The introduction of the internet was one of the biggest technological moves as it led to the birth of online casinos. We can now even see live games and the introduction of technologies such as virtual reality which aims to make the gaming experience better. Gamers understand that this space is ever-changing and are thus on the lookout for new products. 

Gambling Developments

People have been gambling for centuries, but it wasn’t legalized until recently. In the United States, gambling was only legal in Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey until the 1980s. Norway passed the Gaming Act of 1992, granting Norsk Tipping the exclusive rights for lottery games and soccer betting.

Casinos have helped increase employment. They provide tax revenue to the state, which helps fund programs. Since casinos bring in a lot of customers, land-based ones will boost local retail sales.

Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade & Processing Act in 1994. This allows organizations to get licenses to open online casinos. Before this, Microgaming developed the first functional gambling software, which was secured by CryptoLogic. This made safe transactions viable and led to the first online casino in 1994.

Two years later, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established. It issues licenses to many of the world’s online casinos to regulate online gaming activities and keep the organizations licensed with them fairly and transparent.

In 1999, the United States tried to pass the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act to protect its citizens. The government didn’t want companies to offer online gambling products to Americans. Multiplayer online gambling was also introduced in 1999 and has since become very popular. 

Mobile gambling has progressed over the years with the advancement of cell phones into smartphones. Other handheld devices like iPads and Android tablets have brought a new generation of players to online casinos. The reason for this is that people are using their desktops less. Players have been enjoying the convenience and freedom of playing on the mobile device of their choice.

Gambling in 2021

As we’ve seen, developments have been changing the landscape of gambling: from the legalization of gambling for land-based casinos, the start of online casinos, licenses for said casinos, and the ability to gamble anywhere with your mobile device. Let’s look at what is in store for gambling in 2021.

Cryptocurrency Accepted by More Casinos

Some online casinos have already established cryptocurrency as a form of payment and withdrawal. 2021 will see more online casinos accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Many players enjoy the security and anonymity of it over traditional payments. 

The most popular gambling sites will still offer traditional payment options, but cryptocurrency will be replacing the older methods. The anonymity and security of cryptocurrency make players feel more at ease. This is because cryptocurrency is extremely hard to hack, and identity theft is greatly reduced.

So, we will see cryptocurrency becoming a preferred choice for many gamblers, and it will trend upwards in the coming years.

Access in Restricted Areas

Since cryptocurrencies give players anonymity, their use of it will allow them to gamble from localities originally restricted from gambling. As online casinos promote and expand the use of cryptocurrency, they will allow players to tap into an under-served market.

More Live Dealers

Many players have a preference for live dealer games. They like interacting with the dealer. This may be because many players used to play in land-based casinos, and AI dealers don’t give the same personal, human connection that live ones do.

VR Based Gaming Rising

Virtual Reality (VR) is a great invention that may become easily accessible for everyone. Many players want more casinos to release VR versions of their games. VR will allow them to be in virtual casinos from the comfort of their own homes. Net Entertainment created a VR version of its Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine game. 

Slot Machines Upgraded

Many online casinos are trying to attract a younger generation to gambling, and FanDuel Casino live online is among them. Since the younger players are adept at playing video games and using game consoles, slot machines are being designed to incorporate these features. Adding these new features helps keep players from getting bored and encourages them to keep playing at the casinos. 

New Table Games Introduced

Casinos have been introducing new table games for players to enjoy. Games like blackjack and poker need a high level of mastery to increase the odds of winning. Not everyone has this skill set, and so they look for challenging games that are easier to learn. 


Gambling developments are continuing to happen and are bringing exciting changes to online casinos. We’ll continue to monitor this progress and keep you updated.

Ensure that you identify those that suit your needs and engage in responsible gambling. Check the rules associated with different games, bonuses, and casinos before you get started. 

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