What Does the New Online Casino, Nitro Casino Offer its Players?

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The increasing demand for Online casinos in the recent past is encouraging many companies to launch new brands of casinos. Every month there are few online casinos launched to increase the choice of games and entertainment for online gaming enthusiasts. Recently, just a few months ago, a new brand of online casino has been launched by the Betpoint Group Ltd. The brand Nitro Casino is the latest addition to the online casinos in the virtual gambling world. 

The casino operating company Betpoint Group is highly experienced in providing online entertainment which is both thrilling and exciting. The new internet casino is based on speed concept, but the fastness can also be seen and experienced in another feature of the casino, including transactions, games and perks. The theme of the casino is cars, and the pages of the website can be seen in orange and black colours with nitro symbols of racers and cars.

The car-themed Nitro Casino has been online for a few months now, and the brand is already making some progress in popularity. The new virtual casino has been advertising for some time in Finnish TV as it has recently launched an instant casino version for few countries including Finland. 

The newly launched casino website provides two significant platforms for gaming, Casino and Live Casino with the help of multiple casino software providers. The reputed software providers worked on the site to deliver quality look with different colours, themes, graphics and animation. The casino website is registered, fully licensed and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority which approved the casino for fair gaming. The home page of the website navigates you to other pages including game selection, mobile support, customer support and others. Here are a few crucial features of the new online casino, Nitro Casino.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is crucial for any online casino for attracting customers to the website. However, Nitro Casino has not displayed much information on how the welcome bonus rewards, but there is a free spins section on the home page. Bonus for new players is available, and more information can be seen at the website as to how it works and how can welcome bonus can be cashed. 

New customers registering with the Nitro Casino will be rewarded 100% bonus but comes with a limit. Newly registered players are also offered free spins as part of the welcome bonus. However, make sure to check minimum and maximum limits on deposits and wagering requirements for cashouts.

Games Selection  

The games selection link on the home page of the Nitro Casino navigates you to the page which features games offered at the website. Although the online casino is very new in the Internet gambling world, the casino website provides a wide range of casino and other games to entertain players. The incorporation of reputed casino software providers has enabled the casino operator to give the games great themes in vibrant colours with high-quality graphics and animations. The games offered by the new online casino delivers players a unique gaming experience with excellent casino features, including good games selection, secured environment, fast payouts and free plays.

Nitro Casino provides the most advanced versions of the classic games such as slots and video poker to prevent players from getting bored from playing routine versions. The internet casino also offers a variety of table games including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Keno.

Live Dealer Casino

The live dealer games of the online casino deliver players a real casino experience and comfort. Players can interact with the live dealers using chat features, and most games are multi-player games. High-quality graphics, superior sound quality and excellent animations enable players enjoying their favourite games while interacting with the dealer.

The best part of playing in Nitro Casino is its no-download version of online casino which provides browser-based games which can be instantly accessed without downloading any software on to your gaming device. The website is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. The casino website also boasts of fast deposits and instant withdrawals.

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