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Long gone are the days where the only way you get a genuine casino experience was to dress up in your favourite James Bond-inspired tuxedo and head off to your nearest casino establishment. The internet has changed gambling forever. And while gaming hotspots such as Las Vegas continue to thrive, the industry has certainly been shaken up by the arrival of live dealer casinos. But where will this new phenomenon lead the casino business in years to come?

What are live casinos?

Live casinos are one of the latest trends in online gaming. The quest to provide an authentic gaming experience has resulted in casino games rendered in stunning high-resolution graphics accompanied by professionally trained live dealers. These live casino dealers interact with the players in a way that replicates the ambience of a real luxury casino without the costly trip to Las Vegas or Monte Carlo.

Live casinos are delivered via HD streams to ensure the best quality. There are multiple camera angles to help you get a real feel for the action. And with new features being added all the time, the experience just keeps getting better.

A great way to get a feel for a live online casino is by playing live dealer roulette. The latest incarnations of this classic casino table game even allow you to slow down the action at the vital moment as the ball comes to rest. Other live dealer games on offer include blackjack and poker games such as Texas Hold’em.

What does the future hold?

Live casinos have already evolved to the point where you can now choose which dealer you would like to host your game. Once the game is underway, you can choose which camera angle you want and you can even slow down the action. In the future, developers will let you get even close to the action through improved virtual reality technology.

VR has been around awhile, but the potential has yet to be fully exploited. Better technology will allow further customisation of games, bringing a more personalised experience to each player at the table.

The ultimate goal is a fully equipped online casino where players can immerse themselves in a traditional casino experience, but have access to all the features that only an online game can provide. Being face to face with a live dealer and other players as the chatter of the casino buzzes around you, but being able to choose your own music and décor would be a mind-blowing experience.


And as well as watching your own game unfold, you will get to see other players celebrate their wins just like in a real casino. But rather than being the stuff of fantasy, this type of experience is not too far away. And the technology to deliver it is getting more affordable all the time.

While it is still in its infancy, live casino play is here to stay and looks set to be the future of online casino gaming, with established computer-automated games gradually becoming a thing of the past.

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Are you Ready for Virtual Casinos — the Future of Online Gambling?

Are you Ready for Virtual Casinos — the Future of Online Gambling?

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